how do i figure this real life math problem out

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  1. i suck at math always have and now i have to use it in real life. i'm trying to figure out how much per month i'm spending in gas approximatrly.

    this is what i have

    -i get 300 miles per tank of gas, before i fill up i'll be at just under a 1/4 tank at 300 miles
    -i drive ~350 miles a week
    -gas is 4.07 per gallon
    -i get roughly 26-28mpg

    what do i do to figure this out?
  2. having trouble understanding the first statement
  3. someone please post the Potato.jpg
  4. How much gas can you put in your car?
  5. 350 x 4 = monthly distance approx = 1400 miles per month

    lets say you get 26 MPG

    1400/26 = ~54

    54 X 4.07 = ~$220 per month

    i think thats right lol, but im tired and a bit hungover
  6. (350/28)(4.07)= your answer

    Totally disregarded the per month part lol. Multiply all that by 4
  7. You Drive 350 get 28 MPG

    350/28 = ... (How many gallons you are filling up for)

    Multiply the gallons you fill up by the gas price...

    And you shall find why all of america is pissed off...gas is a waste of money.
  8. approx 221.5 dollars/month

  9. [​IMG]

  10. thanks a lot guys you rock hahaha who need math when you got the internet
  11. You spend about 250 a month on gas.

    This is like elementary level math though dude...

    divide total number of miles driven per week (350) by how many miles you get per gallon (26-28) you get about 15.

    15- that's how many gallons of gas you use per week. multiply by 4 to get how much you use in a month (60).

    60 gallons x 4.07 = roughly 250 bucks a month.

    Your welcome, toke on :smoke:
  12. What is math?
  13. Hmmmm this is a very difficult problem....very difficult indeed.
    Only a mathematician could figure this out.

  14. not everyone is good at different things...just because you graced us with your vast amount of knowledge for mathematics...doesn't impress much.

    He asked a question that had a rather simple response and he has recieved it, it could have been done without the whole elementary level math comment.

    Your welcome, Toke on.
  15. I wasn't trying to impress anybody...

    Just trying to help explain it so he might be able to figure it out on his own next time, take some initiative. But you're right probably coulda done without that comment. If only I could go back and change the past... If FUCKING ONLY!!!

    Ha just playin, u know u always gon' be my bottom bitch playa
  16. no matter how many times i see this picture, i still laugh
  17. not that difficult of math, how long since you were in school?

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