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How do I dry this weed fast?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by I I11MATIC I, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Yo,
    I've just got off the phone with my dealer and he's said he can sort me some weed, but it's a bit sticky, he's smoked some after a little while under a lamp but I'm gonna be stuck in my car, how can I dry like 2gs of this shit out so that I can smoke tonight? The rest can be dried at home with a lamp or some shit.
    I thought lighter under a piece of metal with the weed on top, I carry all my rolling stuff in a metal tin so that could be the best bet?

  2. Lol he said sticky not freshly harvested wet bud.
    A microwave oven works fastest for drying out weed. Take note that the THC content may be considerably lower after rapid drying.
    Good luck.
  3. what i would do....tape the baggy on your vent in your car. turn the heater on but dont put it on blast. just enough to get warm air flown...shit will be dry with in the hour or 2. 

    I been wondering this, If you have moist dense fresh bud like im assuming OP has. Could you use a that thing that drys out slices of fruit? I dont know the exact name, maybe you guys know what im talking about (looks like a crock pot)
  4. On your radiator pretend you are working on your car?
  5. Yo
    If you don't want the sticky, you can send it my way. I love the sticky. :yummy:
  6. I don't mind sticky I just don't know how sticky this is gonna be, for him to warn me tells me it could be too sticky. Cheers for the ideas, think I'll put it by the vent then try the lighter thing with the tin!
  7. Hair blower perhaps, I don't know though.
  8. I prefer my dick being blown, not my hair. Anyway, a hair dryer might work.
  9. I feel like that would fuck with your THC tho,

    i personally wouldnt risk it

    Sent from my asshole using Grasscity Forum
    No, it will not, its a car heater. still way to cold for that
  11. i meant the fruit dryer

    Sent from my asshole using Grasscity Forum
    Oooh haha my bad. Yeah, it probably would then. never looked at the details of one to see how hot they actually get :p
    Never tried it myself, but had heard that a dehydrator is one of the best methods to dry out bud quickly and still retain good quality, as long as its got a dial to adjust the heat, but typically they do not get hot enough to do much, temps are usually 130 - 155 degrees F depending on what your dehydrating.

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