How do I do what I need to do?

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    You just do it. There's no how about it. You just do it and the how takes care of itself.

    There is fear of letting go though.
    We know.

    This life is not an easy path. Everything is within you. Your reality is just that - your reality. Bringing it into the world is the hard thing. You must make it real.

    I am making it real.
    Make it more real.

    How fast can I go?
    As fast as you feel you can.

    How fast is that?
    As fast as it needs to be.

    Does it matter?
    . . . and yes

    It doesn't matter as there's no time and nothing has to be done. But if you don't do this nothing and take all the time you need doing it, nothing changes.

    What needs to change?
    What you're doing.

    What am I doing?

    What does that mean?
    Becoming who you can be, who you're capable of being.

    Who is that?
    You can only experience it to know it. You cannot hold an idea about what that is. Too limiting. You cannot hold an idea of who you are.

    Why do I feel the need to say things, reveal things, appear to be something that reflects what this is?

    You need to surrender, and not knowing what that means creates a certain fear. To work on that fear you must let go slowly, bit by bit, until there's so little of you left that true presence seeps in and permeates your whole being, until you and the presence are one.

    I, and this presence are one?
    Surrendered to all that is. But to do that, something in you must die, so that what you are will become what you could not be. All that matters is the effect you have on the world. Would you stop what would be so much better for those you love by remaining in their way to interpret it for them?

    Each has to do it for themselves. That's the message. That's always been the message. Your man Jesus did it. And if he did it, anyone can do it because the idea makes it possible.

    It cannot exist for you if you do not experience it. That's why you're here. To experience it.
  2. "Just do it"

    - Nike
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    Beautiful. Powerful.


    Edit: I also want to comment about your statement "Jesus did it, so anyone can do it". So simple and true. I only hope that the people trapped in religion could understand this.

    He was a man, a regular non-religious man. BUT - within him he had the Spirit of God. It was God's spirit within him that enabled him to walk in life - and create life. He was basically WIDE AWAKE. He said repeatedly that he was coming again. But the religious keep looking for the man to return.

    It is the Spirit within him that has returned. And we have this SAME SPIRIT in us. The same one!

    While religion keeps looking for the man and other "signs" taught by men - they may completely miss the arrival of a NEW spirit within.
  4. conversation with your higher self?
  5. This is the mistake people of religion so often make. They think they know, and rather than understand they do not know, they hold this, so that as the spirit flows towards them, they look away from it, waiting for what they 'know' to turn up instead.
  6. It reminds me of when Jesus said that NEW wine can not be put into OLD wineskins.
  7. :smoke:

    I'd even say with your "Perfect" self!
  8. This dialog seems to point at the way humanity continually complicates things which were always meant to be simple...

    Stop making such a mess of your lives and live

    You don't get to know how until you have done it...
    Then you realize it how was right there all along...
    and it never had anything to do with stained glass or long dead humans...

    Do yourselves a favor....try not to "lose site of the fact that your where its at....not the stars nor the cross nor the moon..."
  9. People often think that where they are is not where they're meant to be. This causes them to complicate things by coming up with a plan to do something about it. Trouble is, once you do, you usually start to feel something similar quite quickly, and before you know it, you're going looking for something that always seems just out of reach.
  10. No matter how fast the ass runs.......that carrot stays the same distance away.....hanging on that string....
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    Lol. Nice.

    If you come to realise there's a string holding the carrot and you start to pull it in, you just end up seeing a bigger carrot.
  12. i've been here before.

  13. If you realize there is a string....
    Nothing changes unless you stop chasing the carrot all together...
    Even if you know you will never get long as you keep after are still just the ass....
    Now some realize the trick...yet still wish to play along....
    They get a new job....
    Riding an ass holding a stick....dangling a carrot....

    Not much of a promotion....

    Of coarse....some of us say fuck carrots....
    And expend our energies building ourselves....instead of walking the path we are led down...
    Blaze our own trails...

    Leave the fears of our ancestors behind...
    run boldly
    Think freely

  14. where are you now?

  15. That about says it. :) :smoke:
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    back where i started.

    only this time, it feels different. maybe i said that last time i was here, but that's ok. at least i remember. i'm trying to tell myself something, leave some sort of clue. it's like chasing a dream in which the memory of it disappears as soon as i try to remember it.

    i use to go around this place helping people out and providing insight. now... now it feels like ego driven quips with the hope of being 'liked.' i know what i have to do. fear of letting go keeps me circling round this familiar parabola. i've let go before only to grab back on.

    i've been reaching out recently and i know its only my hand i have to grab. others help settle perspective, though. hey, but what the hell though. i love life too much to not enjoy its overwhelming presence. stupid carrot, eat my shit.:cool:

    how do i do what i need to do?


    let me go on about where i started is (i felt a pang of constructive thought so imma get it out). my starting point was when i stopped feeling sad simply because i was sad and started questioning why it was that i was sad. from there my journey began. the key word here is journey. that is where i was happy, journeying. several times i flopped, though. here i've been flopped for a little while now. i had forgotten that my dream wasn't some sort of destination, some sort of place or idea that i was trying to grasp. my dream is the journey. i have to remember that yeah, sometimes i'll get caught in the eddies of what i will call life. that's ok because it's only temporary there. the dream is forever. (going back to what i said earlier about trying to grasp a dream i can't remember) of course if try to reach out for something that is inside, i won't be able to grasp it.
  17. Well, I liked that very much. :)

    The journey is the important thing, as the journey is all there is. But sometimes we can mistake something we call destination as no longer being part of the journey, when in fact, this destination is just as much part of the journey as anything else.

  18. i'm glad you liked it. i see what you mean that the 'destination' is still part of the journey.

    i'm glad to be back, though. thanks for all your help, bud. means a lot.
  19. You are welcome.
  20. These threads always give me a certain type of energy. I just wanna get up and go

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