How do I do this?

Discussion in 'General' started by k2rigs, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Alright, I just started smoking again. I just put my introduction up today. I have like 2 contacts. One buddy just hooks me up with a joint every once and a while of crappy stuff. Then an old friend I used to buy from still sells but its PRICEY$$$ its like $100 a 1/4 and its good stuff. But I wanna try to find a contact so I can get mids-highs or some name brand stuff. I hate paying for good Joe Blow Weed from a dudes barn in the middle of no where. So how should I go about making me some contacts safely. i don't wanna just stand on the sidewalk and be like.... "Yo! Anybody got some Banana Fire or some Purp?" know what I mean?
  2. Go hang outside some headshops and hint about weed and such.... That's really sketch tho, you gotta be real chill and seem 100% legit.

    You're better off imo tryin to get a contact through people.. Meet people at parties... Human relations my young padawan. :smoking:
  3. shit a $100 a 1/4 isnt pricey at all for good good, well somewhat cheaper here when its around compared to 125
  4. they'll come to you

    or ask some of your friends
  5. right on! I'll just wait it out. I'm about 3 hours from Chicago so I'm sure if I go up to my buddy's place in Chicago one weekend I could get a few contacts there. I'd drive 3 hours and just get enough for the month as long as it was worth it.
  6. see, ya figured it out

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