how do i do it

Discussion in 'General' started by gaboi, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. How 2 decompress brick weed?
  2. A decompressor?
  3. Once heard of spraying it with water...?
  4. Noob speak - Fruit peels?
  5. Any easy ways of doin it because this shit is tight
  6. I feel stupid, I don't know what decompress means. I guess you mean breaking weed off the brick or something? Get a knife.
  7. Lol Grab a knife
  8. you cant depress and make it fluffly and stuff like it used to be.

    sorry bro ):
  9. He could stick a lighter to it
  10. this is how we do it

    na na na na naaa
  11. Buy real weed?
  12. you dont... it comes compressed for a reason, because it is shitty shitty shitty weed
  13. agreed
  14. actually there is a way, its called water curing, i do it when i grab elbows of brick.

    google it.
  15. you're in socal and get elbows of brick? i've never even seen any brick weed and im around a lot of weed

    are you really close to the border?
  16. palm springs, CA. so yeah, its not no bobby brown either, its like mids that haven't been handled very well, and compressed to get over here.
  17. I live in south ga but it come in from pc beach or miami but it really good mid no seeds ans a good bit of tricombs allover bud

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