How do I decide nutrients?

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  1. I know I want all my nutrients to be organic, but how do I know exactly what products to get and what routine to put my plants on?
  2. what are you growing in? soil ?, hydro?
  3. It's a personal choice. As a beginner, I chose Fox Farms as many of the senior growers here also use it and that's who I was going to be pulling my advice from so I wanted to be on the same product line as them.
  4. Id like to know this awell... Im growing somewhat organic in soil under cfls.. And need some nutes for flowering.. anyone?
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    If you want to keep it easy, don't care about being 100% organic, and are willing to spend a bit more on nutrients then go get the fox farms trio and follow this schedule:

    If you are worried you can use about 3/4 of what the schedule reccomends through the entire process and you will be fine.

    If you really want to drop some dough, pick up the trio salts and then go to town.

    I follow the schedule the entire way through, except I follow the last two week of vegging schedule up until the stretching stops on 12/12, use magical, and some hygrozyme occasionally and finish with some big ole stinky fat buds.

    Just be prepared to be able to support your branches. Under my 400 watt HPS, following that schedule my buds will topple over a couple weeks before they are ready to be harvested. Trust me, as cool as it is to know that your buds are so heavy they are breaking branches, it does suck when it happens. But at least you get an early test smoke ;).

    Also after they leave the seedling stage I follow this schedule. Day 1 water. Two days later I do the nutrient solution. Three days later I do water, then again 2 days later nutrient. This could be baloney, but I found that it takes about 3 days to dry out from a nutrient feeding, and about 2 days for it to dry out from just water. Following that schedule and on every day that I water/feed them, they are drooping and asking to be fed. They seem to like I set schedule like that, and respond well to it.

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