How do I decarboxylate kief to make vape juice?

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  1. I also see various temps and times to do this for weed. My first effort was 5g Headband strain of weed (foil covered in oven on tray) 190F for 30 min, then into 50/50 PG/VG in a mason jar and cooked for 2h45m in an inch of simmering water. Strained thru coffee filter when cooled enuf. Not much kick to it at all. What'd I do wrong?
  2. could be wrong I don't think you had the oven hot enough
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  3. Yeah, I've been seeing 220F a lot... 45-60m. Thought I'd try that next. I saw where you don't add the kief til when you combine the decarboxed weed to the PG/VG solution. Also I'm gonna try 60/40 ratio of PG/VG to cut down on the sweetness from the VG that I wasn't crazy about.
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  4. The info on decarb is hit or miss most of the time. The lowest I go is 220. I've wasted lots of great bud trying to get the temps right. I don't use PG only VG. It is thicker but I feel more natural. A few months ago I made some vape juice with some brick weed. I baked it at 320. I month after that I made some vape juice with some high grade weed. Surprisingly the brick weed had more effect than the other. I also dropped it under my tongue in the morning with great effects. But not so much with the high grade. At 320 you will not burn up the THC, and you are right to wrap it in foil. Be sure to let it rest til it cools after it comes out. I've read THC will release into the air if you don't let it cool first.
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    Hotter and longer..
    220-240 degrees F for 40-60 minutes in a covered dish, Sealed foil pouch, Oven cooking bag..
    I do about 20 grams of 160 micron dry ice kief at a time and it smells like fresh roasted coffee when it's done..
    Now it's activated and ready to blend with your carrier agent.. I do coconut oil caps but the basic decarb is the same for hash, weed, BHO, reclaim, ect
    Stainless pet dish, tin foil, junked but still functional toaster oven so I can work outside and not have the wife bitch about the stink..

    5 grams decarbed hash
    1 tablespoon coconut oil
    1/2 teaspoon soy lecithin ( power doubler)
    blend and heat covered 20 minutes at 220 degrees then freeze.. 2-3-4 more heat and freezes will change the profile of the high.. Makes 30 killer size (0) caps..
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  6. It's complicated and frustrating. The very first time I made an edible I made a tea that got me so high I had to lay down for 10 hours. And I woke up so high I didn't even need to smoke. So, basically you decarb at 320 for 22 minutes. One version of that has an extra step with 22 seconds in the microwave. Obviously without the foil. lol. It should look brown when done properly. I seem to have better luck with it when adding the microwave step. Idk. After it cools you put the decarbed weed into a jar with a sealable lid. I'm not sure of the exact amount. I cover the weed with the glycerin and just make sure it's all covered up. The less glyercin the more potent I would guess.
  7. I test i by putting a few good drops under my tongue and letting it sit there. You can tell in about a minute if it's good or if you did something wrong. Brassnwood It looks like you've got the process down. I've used butter or margarine in the past, but I recently made the switch to coconut for everything. I pass mine through two screens to filter the chunks out, and then I eat the chunks. Yummy. Especially with a hot cup of coffee. So you make caps so you can just take it like medicine? That's a great idea. I've just been putting mine into little bottles. Lots of work though for sure. Definitley work the effort when done right. Thanks.
  8. Can you also make weed juice if you grind up some nug and let it soak in VG for a month or 2?

    I wanted to try this, not in a rush so I was not planning on decarb
  9. Ok OK feeling inspired today. How does one cap make YOU feel?

  10. This is hands down the best video I've seen on the topic. This is the exact process I followed when making vape juice. Video is kinda long but if you follow this you will have no problem. I think the temp is the hardest part to get right. I've tried all different ranges. 320 works for me. 22 minutes. Do you have a oven thermometer?
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  11. u can use this in electronic cigarette?
  12. Decarboxylation
  13. Yep and I also drop it under my tongue and swallow it. Good strong effect. I made a small batch using an eighth. I hate wasting weed.
  14. how much did you get from that 8th? volume wise?
  15. Just make sure you filter it through a few screens. If you use coffee filter the filter soaks up a LOT of the liquid. Big waste. I use metal screens. One thick one thin. Catches most of the gunk left over. Fairly clean don't have to worry about messing up your ecig.
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  16. Thanks for the great info!
  17. Skip to 23:33 on the video. This makes enough for two small bottles. Which is plenty enough to fill your tank more than a few times. 4 or 5 drops under the tongue you won't really have a need to smoke. I do because i enjoy it even with the drops. At least a few tokes. This makes potent medicine but you have to follow the steps exactly.
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  18. You
    re so right about the coffee filter soaking up so much liquid. Then of course it tears when you try to squeeze it out, lol. I'm gonna get some cheesecloth today when we grocery shop, but will work on the wire screen idea too. Thank you.
  19. Thanks. Worth trying. I'll get a thermometer.
  20. Some of my medical dispensary strains have all thca with n/t of THC. I would think these would be perfect to use as the decarboxing would convert it to THC, right? I get no buzz hardly from vaping it. White Russian and White Rhino.

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