How do i correct this?

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  1. this is a test plant, tried to see how lazy i could grow. ffof and straight ro water. my ro water is 6.3. this plant and my basil are both showing what i think is cal mg def due to ph being too low and locking out the uptake. plant is ~17 days old, i noticed these fan leaves a couple days ago although the pictures are from today. last watering was yesterday with ro ph'd to 7. its the freebie dna haze auto.

    my question is how do i correct this? flush? continue watering with ph correct water?

    ive really enjoyed watching this one grow and would like to see it finish.

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  2. flushed it. watered with ro + double dose magical ph'd to 7.

    basil was transplanted and given the same water.

    help me out and correct me if i've made a poor choice.

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  3. Youre on the right track.

    If u can get the Ph to around 6.3 - 6.5, IMO, youll be all good.

    Nice plants btw.


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