How do I cool my lights and how big of a fan do i need? (Pics)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by col forbin, May 18, 2010.

  1. Ive been growing sometime without cooling my lights and my temps are getting way too high, so im wondering what i need to cool these lights.

    First off, my room is about 12.5' x 10 x 9, im running 4-600w hps lights, 3 of which have the option to be cooled (all have 6" flanges)

    I am already exhausting the air in my room by pulling it through a carbon filter and pushing it out of the room via a hole in my wall.

    I have air coming in my room when the lights are on, which is coming directly from outside, using the same kind of inline fan i have to exhaust the room- a 445 CFM fan.

    I guess im wondering, should i use one of my fans (intake or exhaust) to cool these lights or do I need another fan?
    Also, how many degrees can I expect my room to cool down?

    Any advice or tips would be great!!!

    I wanted to add pictures one at a time after each sentence, but here are the pics of my flowering room..





    The 1st pic is of the 3-600w hps lights i want to cool, 2nd pic is my exhaust fan sitting on top of carbon filter. The 3rd and 4th pics are of where my intake fan is (on when lights are on)

    Thanks!!! [​IMG]
  2. I would pull as much heat from those light that you can (and while doing so youll get some of the smell out as well). I know a 6" booster fan (188cfm) will cool a 400 watt light no problem, in that type of space. Might have to look for something with alittle more pulling power for those 600 watts, but anything over 250 cfm should be good.

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