How do I convince my parents to let me smoke weed. [Reward Included]

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  1. I am pretty sneaky and have been able to keep my weed smoking under my parents radar until they found out I do it about a month and a half ago. Its not that my parents aren't cool with smoking the problem. (as far as i know)It is that it is illegal. So no matter how well I do in school or anything, if i ever got caught I'm screwed. I can't convince them it's okay because while they get it from a drug stand point it is the law and I can't beat that. What can I say to them about it being illegal? I'm 18 and i still "live under their roof" as they always say. I am thinking about telling them that it would be better for me to smoke at home rather than in public therefore preventing me from getting caught. I have always been making the right decisions and staying out of trouble and they don't want me getting in trouble with the law any time soon. In addition to that, they say I face a big risk smoking laced weed (crack, embalming fluid, etc.) so that i get addicted to it and the dealers make more money off of it. I tell them that that is not likely but that's all I can say. I need something very powerful to say to plant in their heads that weed it absolutely OKAY. I know you guys here in these forums are pretty smart. Please help come up with something that will be effective. To get you even more motivated I will give out a $50 reward to the one that works or at least gets them to understand. Yes this is that important to me as i am tired of hiding and using a spoof in the bathroom.:smoke:
    Btw I just joined and this is my first post on gc :wave:

    I need good suggestions.
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  2. I hope I posted this in the correct forum. Moderators, please move if not.
  3. If your parent's are against it respect them for there moral's, they obviously have there reason's for not liking it. Tell them if you want to be truthful which is what i have done and it seem's to work out better then hiding something from them and then they find out. Just think on it and do what you think is best.
  4. show them "The Union" documentary. do it.
  5. it is honestly best to respect your parents. but we've all done it when we were younger, so i won't be a hypocrite about it. show them the union. if you've never seen it, it's great. and keep your money. no contests here man, just friendly stoner advice.
  6. teach them that marijuana is better for your health than drinking.
    explain to them that you use marijuana in your life for reasons that are relevant to you. show them that you are capable of continuing to make the right life decisions while using marijuana.
    realize you can't tell your parents to do shitttt.
  7. Send me half of the money now so I know I can trust you.
  8. I'd just tell them your going on a walk when you want to smoke take ur shit with you and duck off in the woods and smoke. And if ur worried about eyes and smell. Use some kind of axe spray and carry some Rhoto V eyedrops with you the ones with the green cap the blue cap ones hurt like a bitch. Peace

    P.S. the eye drops mentioned cost like $5.42 at walmart but they're easy to steal. Woah no stealing is bad geez I'm a shitty role model you'd have to be craazy to steal from wmart like I always say crime doesn't pay....alot.
  9. Martin Luther King Jr.

    "One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws."

    I explain to them this quote and show them many quotes of high ranking officials saying that the war on drugs, especially marijuana, has caused our society to deem young people criminals for choosing what they want to put in their own bodies.

    Famous Marijuana Quotes
  10. Convince your parents to move to a state that has medicinal marijuana.
  11. Tell them you have a gun, and it's either they go or you go
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  12. Well I have already made my mom see the union not long after she found out I smoke.
    @Kalabora This is exactly what I currently do. Trust me, enough paranoia will keep you from getting caught no matter what.

    I respect them but I do not respect their perspective.
    I got caught because I was tired of hiding and I tried to hide less evidence for them to eventually find out which I kind of regret doing. I guess I will keep doing it so that I keep failing the drug tests. Hopefully they will eventually give up.

    Can someone please answer the question to the part about them saying that my weed could be laced?
  13. saftey of your own home man.. that should work if thats the actual issue

  14. yes^^^^this^^^
  15. If i was a parent, I wouldn't let my kids smoke weed.
  16. This. Propaganda is your only hope
  17. I had the same problem bro, tell them that smokin weed is better than puttin needles in ur arms, that's how i got mine to let me bro. That should work, keep using that line and it should work. Cuz there ain't nothin worse than shootin up some heroin.
  18. tell them that it is rare to find laced weed. tell her your dealer is a friend and would not lace it. Very few dealers lace weed while most think a lot of drug dealers do it but they really don't . selling weed makes really good money especially if your good at it and you have the right customers. I am 27 now but when i was 18 i would sell a few pounds a week . No pot dealer that I Have met sells laced weed (i have met alot ,most of my customers were ppl buying o's and selling them). Dealers get to lazy. there either a weed dealer or a coke dealer .
  19. You need a vaporizer.
  20. I remember this post and some of the posters on here. Two of the banned users here were good posters and its a shame they were banned.

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