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How do I convince my gf to let me grow?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by crampo1, May 8, 2011.

  1. I've been with my gf for about 4 years now, and we've lived together for the past 2. She used to smoke, but freaked out while high about 2 years ago, and hasn't smoked since. She knows I smoke and doesn't really have a problem with it.

    I want to try a grow, and if I was living alone I would feel safe enough to do it. I mentioned it one time to her, but she said she'd be really upset. I tried talking to her about it, but she said it was a stupid idea because I'd either get arrested, or our landlord would find out, and kick us out.

    I'd probably want to grow maybe 1-3 plants for personal use. I live in a duplex where the landlord lives next door, but he smokes too. I doubt he'd be happy knowing I was growing, but I think I could control the smell.

    Has anyone had luck in the past talking a significant other into letting them grow? I'd appreciate any advice. (Leaving her isn't an option)
  2. put her in her place, you're the man. marijuana is a safe plant, if she doesn't like it, tell her to pack her bags. growing weed isnt that big of a deal.
  3. Dont..

    1. Growing somewhere that you dont own is stoopid, ex: cops dont need permission to come in, they can jsut ask the landlord who probally wont want to resist if he too smokes.

    2. Pissing your girlfriend off isnt too smart either, cause a) she'll snitch b) no pussy c) rip them all out

    3. Just not smart

  4. /thread
  5. if you're paying the rent then who gives a fuck
  6. Tell her your love for her is similar to that of a marijuana plant...

    It grows stronger and danker each and every day
  7. We split the rent and utilities.

    I'm not going to do it without her approval. I'm wondering how I can convince her that it's not a huge deal, and I think 1-3 plants in my state (IL) isn't a huge deal, meaning I'm gonna try my best not to get caught, but if shit happens I can deal with consequences.
  8. damn youre whipped. be a man
  9. if you -

    1. dont tell ANYBODY, and make she doesnt either
    2. control the smell
    3. dont be stupid buying supplies

    then there really isnt any way of getting caught
  10. Tell her the only punishment she's going to get is the punishment from your penal system

  11. My only concern is that I'm in a rented property. I'm looking at buying a house in the next year or two, so maybe I'll hold off till then.
  12. well i dont know what your landlord is like but mine doesnt randomly come in and start looking in the closets and shit

    OP you need to be like this with your girl

    [ame=]YouTube - Unforgivable #1[/ame]
  13. Tell her you'd like to rent some property... In her vagina

  14. You mean grow the weed in her vagina?
  15. This. Oh man, first post of the thread and its already made all the others useless.

  16. Do you smoke with the landlord and how much does he smoke? Maybe you can convince him that growing is a good idea.

  17. Yes... Moist... High temperatures... If people ask you why theres weed in to bitches vaj just say it's a tumor

    The perfect crime
  18. "whooo PSHHH"
  19. If you love her, then don't do it. Relationships are about compromises. And she doesn't smoke, so if you guys got kicked out she would have nothing to do with it. If you want to risk that they you are an asshole.
  20. do it in a way where she has the advantage of deniability, i mean if i was living with someone and they decided to grow i'd be sketched out about them getting busted and me getting screwed along with them, as far as convincing her goes thats a lil tricky id suggest that you should show her how youd do it while controlling the smell and everything, also as stated above, growing in rented property is a BAD idea as cops only need the landlords permission to search, not yours

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