How do i clone - in very simple steps?

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  1. im wdonering how to clone,im new to growing and all this shit is too confusing
    so can someone please explain how to clone in step by step instructions for dummies.

  2. Clones:

    What you will need:
    1. Professional potting mix.

    2. Rooting hormone (gel or powder).

    3. A mild phosphorous rich fertilizer such as a liquid 5-10-5 NPK.

    4. A tray with a clear lid.

    5. A misting bottle.

    6. A grow light (65-watt compact fluorescent or 150-watt metal halide).

    7. A sterile sharp blade

    Cloning Setup:

    Begin by buying all the products that you will need to take clones from your mother plant. Rock wool works well as a substitute for potting mix to root your cuttings, but consider organic plugs and coconut fibers as alternatives.

    The cloning area should be well ventilated and on the warm side (60 to 80 degrees) with humidity at 50% or above. Use 18 to 24 hours of light per day form a 65-watt compact fluorescent or 150-watt MH light.

    Taking Clones:

    Cut a 4 to 6 inch branch from your other plant using the sharp blade. Snipping the stem at an angle helps create a larger rooting site. Dip the bottom inch of the cutting in the rooting hormone and gently insert the cutting in your soil or rock wool to a depth of about an inch. Make sure the grow medium is moist and that it stays moist. Cloning trays must be kept off of cold floors: cuttings like warmth when they are trying to grow new roots. Use a spray bottle to mist the clones occasionally. A clear plastic dome over the tray can help seal in the warmth and moisture but also invites mold, therefore ventilate with small holes to allow excess water to escape. Not all cuttings will survive. You may lose 5% to 15% of your cuttings so take a few extra clones just like seeds. When your cuttings have a nice healthy root system and the foliage and stems to grow you can graduate your cuttings to bigger pots.

    Cloning Tips:

    A few important tips to remember - All equipment such as pots and blades must be clean. Unsanitary areas will create and harbor bacteria, pests and disease. To avoid disasters always practice good hygiene. Also buy a pH tester when using tap water to hydrate your plants. Continue testing the soil while you grow including the soil of mother plants. The term pH is the measure of your soils acidity of alkalinity (in other words the concentration of hydrogen ions). The pH scale goes form 1 to 14 (1 is most acidic and 14 is most alkaline). Keep your soil between 6 and 8 and you will be fine.

    Take care of your plants as if they were your children: let them mature and don't be too rough with them Plants can die very quickly so watch them closely every day as they grow. IF you see a problem, identify it quickly and then remedy the situation.

    Just remember that propagation is step 1 in a much larger process. You need to learn about all aspects of horticulture if you want to be a good grower. Learning to grow healthy plants takes time so stick with it and do as much research as possible when entering the wonderful world of cannabis cultivation.
    just a little tid bit i've seen and now use myself hope this helps
  3. buy a bottom heat mat.

    u can not listen to me and wonder why ur plants arnt rooting or u can listen to me and buy one for like 25$ and clone like a champ.

    ur choice.
  4. maybe because some people dont know what a heating mat is, i have added a link to one.

    basically you want ur soil temp around 75-85. this will increase ur clone vigor and speed faster than anything i can think of.

    usually they are the size of one flat. and work on very low watts, usually under 20 watts.

    head to ur nearest growing place and ask for one.
  5. You dont need a heating mat, ive never used one but i have promoted higher temps to the clones by vegging them in a HPS room. Clones that are cold will not root and a heating mat would definitly stimulate the cloning process, but if money is an issue the only thing needed is a rooting hormone/dome and jiffys. And instead of putting holes in your brand new propagater, just allow the clones to get fresh air once or twice daily by leaving the lid off for 5mins or so, then re spray the clones and close it up to allow a rainforest effect.

    (I have gotten mold before, but it wasnt bad and didnt spread to the clones and only happend cuz i left the clones in a moisture dome for 3 days with no fresh air.)
  6. ....Introducing, the Almighty SEARCH BUTTON!
  7. Well you said it yourself, you may not need a heating mat, but you do need heat. Everything I have seen agree on the fact that warm soil or heat under the soil will make clones more succussful. I

    I also saw in another video, that simply by clipping off any yellow sections of any leaves during the cloning process, will raise clone success rate from around 60-70% to what they claim they get, 95-100%

  8. thanks for the ideas guys, but the heat mat seems far out of my price leauge.I have the perfect guide for cloning now so thanks guys.
  9. 24.99$ is far out of ur price range????

    and u dont have the perfect guide for cloning because the perfect guide would include a soild temp of around 80F. u have a so-so guide...

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