How do I clean this pipe?

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  1. Hey all, I bought this sick little water pipe and it's all dirty now. Any tips on how to clean my piece to get it back to its original look?

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  2. 99% ISO Alcohol + Rock Salt
  3. put it in a plastic bag and put 99% or a little less percentage and put salt in it

    shake it around till its clean, but if its really caked you should let it soak in the iso and salt mixture for awhile (like a day)
  4. sweet thanks for the tips LAfresh and kenetic!
  5. soak it in simple green overnight.
  6. No problem homie, thanks for the rep too! +Rep'd you back :D

    Also, like the poster above me said, all headshops (or most) sell cleaning kits for glass, just in case the 99% ISO + Rock Salt method doesn't work, it usually always does, unless your pipe is absolutely CAKED with resin
  7. Do the ISO and salt in a bag method. Use Q tips dipped in alcohol to swab the bowl. Make sure to rinse VERY thoroughly once it's all clean.

    I reccomend that you also run hot tap water through it for a minute or two just to loosen up and soften the resin before putting it in the bag.
  8. Headshop sold cleaning products are designed to make money.

    Simple green concentrate is 10 a gallon and cleans pieces to out of the shop clean.
  9. one word, acetone. use it once and be amazed. it is like paint thinner only not as toxic. pour a little in the piece and shake it. in about 1 min. it will be clean just make sure u rinse it out good. i mean good like 5 rinses just in case.
  10. I cleaned a pipe that was completely caked in resin with 70% iso and table salt. It took three times but after the third time the only resin left was a little clump in the bowl i couldn't get too, it works fantastic.
  11. after you smoke it run HOT water through it if you dont want to have to go all out with the alcohol very often, cotton swabs will help remove resin too. but the rubbing alcohol and salt is amazing, also things like bathroom cleaners that say like no scrub and stuff works pretty well for me. i left my bong in the scrubbing bubbles stuff when i ran out of alcohol and when i rinsed it out in the morning it was sparkliinggg:)

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