How do I clean this bowl?

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  1. I bought this old Peruvian Piranha Spine Pipe from a friend but it doesn't come apart. I'm asking if there's a way to clean, what I believe to be a marble bowl. Also, the mouth piece hole is too small for pipe cleaners. (See pics in files)

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  2. If able to, soak it overnight in iso alcohol and shake the bag every so often. Next day rinse with hot water and usually most of the stuff will come right out. My glass pipe looks brand new and that's all I did.
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  3. I'll try it, thanks bro
  4. ask yer local piercing place to autoclave that shit
  5. add some table salt to the mix too, it acts as an abrasive and gets the gunk off at least I think that's the purpose haha
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  6. ISO may wreck it, judging by the finishes it has.

    My advice ISO and a ear cotton swab clean inside best you can. Then run ISO through it, to get the rest
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  7. table salt + rubbing alcohol in a plastic bag. I wouldnt soak it like they said.. just shake it up but dont drop the bag.
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  8. Yea i tried soaking it and a piece of the decor came off I had to fix with gorilla glue.
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  9. Worked perfect

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