How do i clean my spoon pipe ?

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  1. i have a very small spoon pipe that is probably the size (if not a little bit bigger) than my thumb, and it has a metal screen in the bowl. How do i go about cleaning the pipe ?
  2. pour in some isopropyl, give it a shake, rinse with water.

    If theres stubborn bits see if theres anywhere (mouth hole or carb) you can get a pipe cleaner in.
  3. i figured that would work but would the screen in my bowl pose as any obstacle when it comes to cleaning the pipe???
  4. If you don't plan on smoking the resin, fill the inside of the pipe about 1/3 with salt, put alcohol in until the mixture moves like a liquid, then plug the holes and shake it like a deformed baby
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  5. Shouldnt be a problem- if theres a whole big enough to smoke out of then you can pour the alcohol disolved gooeyness out of it. if you pour it in via the screen it'll get what you can off the screen

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