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How do i clean and smoke the resin inside my bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by tangerinesky, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Ok, so i have this sweet ass bong (the batcountry):


    Hits like a champ, sexy as hell. My only problem is i've
    been smokin out of it a lot lately and there's resin all
    along the inside walls of my bong, right above the water
    line. Being the stoner i am :) i'm trying to figure out how
    to get that resin...and smoke it :smoking: If anyone knows or has
    any ideas please share :)
  2. soak in isopropyl alchohol and then let it dry to get the resin i think is the best way.

    i wouldnt smoke resin unless you like the high, i don't even bother anymore the high is so bad to me
  3. eh i'm used to it. depending on the weed depends on the resin
    ya know. still kinda fucks me up :)
  4. man, i love smoking resin

    it seems like two big hits and im pretty blazed, maybe 1 bowls equivalence

    but ive got this dragon shaped bowl and i lost my screen for it a while back, so all of the resin collected on the inside of his belly, so whenever i run out of weed or dont feel like packin up, ill just pull the flame through the hole and light the resin,

  5. ya but doesn't that fuck up your shit? tokin like that burns the resin to the inside
    of the slider doesn't it?
  6. Idk last week I smoked half dank half very good dro in my bowl, about 5 grams total, scraped the resin, the worst outdoor high ever along with a headache.

    Btw, yes, the weed was an indoor high
  7. yeah actually i took it a little too fast one time and it got hot and cracked, but its the tiniest crack i have ever seen, i dont even think that smoke can get through it so im not worried about it, i just make sure to wait a little bit between hits now

    *oh and this is a bowl btw

  8. ha damn, well as long as it's not fucked completely right?
  9. I have my little bowl and after a month of use its time to scrape and boil it to get the resin, i make a little resin ball and 2 or 3 good hits and holding it in does the trick. Its a different high for me, im used to smoking reg but reg usually gives me an upper high that makes me hyper but the resin from it makes me so relaxed and mellow, its so awesome.:p

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