How do I choose the best replacement MH/HPS bulbs for the money?

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  1. I now have 2 400W HPS/MH grow lights.They came with their own generic HPS grow bulbs. I'm running on a very tight budget and need the biggest bang for my buck. I would like to know how to figure out what features I should look for in both types of lights, as I want to use MH for veg, and the bulbs need to be replaced periodically, which is another question I should ask. How long can bulbs last before needing replacement, besides when they fail?
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  3. Ive heard of people using bulbs for 5-6 grows if not more. but after a while the bulb starts to lose its penetrating ability. look for the color temp the bulb falls under. the better the bulb the better light it puts off. idk. I hope this makes sense.

    Hortilux has bulbs for about 80 bucks a piece and they are amazingly high quality and penetrate deep into the leaves. ive seen them for as low as 70
  4. Use the cheap bulbs for a few (4 to 6) grows to get the feel of how they work and recoup some of the money spent on them. :D

    Then you should have a better idea what to look for.

    You best investment would be a Light Meter to determine how many lums your getting to the plants and how high or low the lights should be.

    Bulbs will decrease over time and eventually fail. :eek:

    Never toss out a working bulb that was replaced with a new one, the replaced bulb is now an emergency spare ;)

    At 4:20 today I am gonna toke on a bong and hope this information helped you :bongin:
  5. How much do light meters run you and where would the best place to get on?
  6. Ebay has them and if you look you can find one for under $50.00 that works great :smoke:

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