How Do I Casually Bring Up Anal Sex

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by MariaJuana92, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. So there's this guy. And I really like him.
    I like it up the butt. But I don't want him to know that. I want him to think it's some kind of treat for him.
    But how do I go about getting it up the butt...
    I don't just wanna say hey, fuck me in the ass
    so how do i hint at it
    or see how he feels about it
    i thought all guys liked anal
    but some guys here said it turned them off
    they didn't wanna get shit on their dick
    how would you want a girl to bring it up or hint at it

  2. you're on a roll today.
    you could ask him to start by peeing in your butt first
  3. naaaaasty
  4. im no sex expert but maybe if ya got a few drinks into him might be easier to talk. i dont no what hes like but most fellas wouldnt mind id say not me anyway. get him drunk or stoned it might help?
  5. Personally the best way would be to be asked during sex.. any hesitation, ensure that you just cleaned the entire area up so there should be very little dirtying up. Be all sexy about it while you ask, leaning in close and stroking him.
    Yeah.. yeah, that's it. That's how I'd like it done.
  6. that totally might work. good idea!
  7. hmmm maybe i'll try that
    i just don't wanna weird him out
  8. ask him if you can poop on his cock before entry
  9. fucking disgusting
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    seriously though anal is some pretty gross shit (no pun intended) unless you really clean it out. porn makes anal sex look desirable yet really it's just fantasy because you NEED an enema and a lot of lube before you do it. if youre willing to get an enema, ask him if he likes it, and then plan a day to do it
  11. I would just be straightforward about it. I don't like to play games. I've never tried anal, but if I wanted to try something different in bed, I usually just ask. Communication is a good thing! Don't worry about what his response will be. If he gives consent, cool. If not, he's obviously not the dude for you if you like anal sex and he doesn't. Voila!
  12. Next time he's fucking you doggy start playing with your ass. First with one finger then two.... unless he's a complete chode he'll get the idea. Please remember to clean up beforehand tho.
  13. Lots of strange topics here today  :eek:
  14. When your normally go to grab his cock to slide into your puss just spread your ass and slide it in your butt
  15. I've never done an enema before and I've never gotten shit on anyones dick, either. I've never planned anal carefully. I never used to like it, but then one day I just learned how to get really comfortable and find the right spot and I love it. 
    I wouldn't consider him not liking anal sex a deal breaker or anything. I mean, he pleases me. He's sweet. That's better than missing out just because I like it up the butt from time to time. Ya know? But I suppose I should just ask. 
    can't i just like
    slip it in the wrong hole
    i always clean up lol
    i suppose you're right
    do you have an alien fetish
  16. :eek:  :eek: naw just think folks should be aware they are here among us :confused:  & they should fit right in with the some of the topics of today
    do you ??????? I could run down to the costume store :yay:
  17. thats hot as fuck no one would ever turn that down lol
  18. idk i brought it up i was just like
    have you tried anal
    and he was like yeah once. i like pussy more. have you?
    and i fell asleep so he was like
    do you wanna do it again?
    and then stupid me im like
    maybe one day. with someone im close to.
    it's like
    why didn't i just say um yes
    instead of being confusing
    i think i was thinking like that way
    if i do it anyways he'll think he's getting something special
    guys like that right
  19. I had anal with a gf once before we actually fucked, like a month before lol. We were doing stuff, and we wanted to fuck but couldn't get any condoms at that hour (she was alergic to latex and nobody that carried the non-latex ones was open); so she was like "wanna try anal instead?" And we went for it and it was pretty cool lol.

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