How do I care for plants after cloning?

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  1. I have two clones that were cut from the mother plant two and a half weeks ago and were transplanted to soil 5 days ago. They appear to be healthy however I don't know how to care for them now...I am misting them twice a day everyday and feeding them nutes once every three days.

    How do I care for the plants now, do I continue misting them or should I start watering them regularly?

    Are they ready to be treated as a normal plant in vegetation?

    Can anyone with experience cloning plants please help? Thank you

    Additional Information:
    -clones are under 6 x 25watt CFL lights 24 hours a day about 2 inches away from plants
    -my vegetation room has 600 MH lights (metal halide)
    -the strain is purple haze X trainwreck
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    bump... this is a good question, there are so many threads about cloning and they do not talk about what to do after transplanting to soil...

    anyone know?

    we got some answers in terms of lights, but what about soil, do you just water it like a normal plant or do you keep it dry and keep misting the plant?
  3. Do not pot up clones until roots are evident on the cutting. Be extra careful as roots grown in water are fragile. I usually hold the cutting upright in the pot and loosly drop soil into the pot until full. Water until soil is wet and allow to drain well. Until the plant has recovered from transplant shock (bare root to soil) treat it as a cutting: MOIST soil, not wet, and don't let it dry out and wilt. Check the plants twice a day at least. There is no need to mist or cover at this point. After about a week you treat it just like any vegging plant (fertilizer, etc.)
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    ok, currently, the clone is in soil, i was told it was transplated after 2 weeks of cloning where roots where evident.

    i have had it for 3 days now, in those 3 day i have been misting the plant twice a day and a little of the soil which has been pretty much bone dry ever since i got the clone.

    The roots are not coming out of the drainage holes currently. A couple minutes go I just misted the plant and watered it until i got water coming out of the drain holes (same watering job i do for normal non-clone plants).

    did i fuck up?
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    I guess there is not too much help on this topic, johnjohn I think we should just treat the clones as a normal plant in vegetation after another few days or even sooner if you think. In a few days you should just bring them up with the other ones but use some contraption to let them sit higher ( closer to the MH lights ) but continue to use the nutes in that gallon that I brought. I think by now this plant probably has decent roots already and it is not in a fragile stage anymore.

    Questions for johnjohn:

    1. How much longer until you bring your other girls into the flowering stage (12/12) ?

    2. Can you post some pictures this weekend when you have a chance?
  6. Good question.. Im not aware of indoor cloning process, but from my expreience from transplanting my clones from the dispensary to my outdoor garden, I can tell you to water them immediately and make sure the surrounding area is wet also.

    Depending on how big your pot is I wouldn't necessarily water them so much so the water starts to drain from the bottom just make sure they get enough juice to shine upwards. This was a big problem I was facing but now I've kept a keen eye on each of the plants everyday and water them throughout the day
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    1. I am waiting for the girls to show sex, pre-flowers, and then I am switching to 12/12. I am starting to see it on one girl but my guess is that I will switch to 12/12 in 3-6 days.

    2. pics are up in my grow journal
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    get some peat pucks, use a rooting gel. water by misting twice a day limiting the ammount of water accumulated in the dome. just enough to keep the humidity high. wait for root to poke out and plant in soil i give them a light solution of 10 52 10 once a week starting when i see new growth and keep them under the floros for about 2-3 weeks...then i put them under the led for vegging i have found this system to work about the best.
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    after planting the clone in soil, do you mist it or water the pot and treat it like a normal plant?
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    untill it roots it feeds through the leaves. NO NUTES water only mist it and keep your soil damp...not overly wet. Did you use a rooting gel. once in soil it still needs to get established and strengthen the roots. a clear sign this is happening is new leaves. untill that happens treat it carefully. once you see new growth you start feeding it , small ammounts at first and i use 10-52-10. again its has to stablize to the new so i give it time to grow a bit. a couple of weeks. it has way less shock when i place it under the higher powered light. once it goes under the led i switch to 20-20-20 and treat it as an established plant.
  11. so keep the soil damp, as in water it until it gets dry, same as normal veg grow, not overly wet...

    but until it roots in soil, it feeds via leaves, so leaves must get misted twice a day.

    I did not clone this, I got two clones already in soil, the seller told me it was cloned 2 weeks ago. clones looked decent when i got them.
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    how big are these plants and is there any new leaves yet, pic would help
  13. just took these two pics after misting them...


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    too wet...let them dry out a bit. after that i think a very light feeding. the leaf curl looks like hungry

    what kind of soil is that
  15. once your cuts have rooted, put them in whatever medium you're using and feed them 1/4 strength nutes. no need to spray/baby them anymore. feed once a week and if they dry up between feeds, water with properly ph'd plain water. at your next feed go to 1/2 or 3/4 strength. some go to full strength in a week. i usually foliar feed once or twice in veg, and maybe a couple times in early flower. it really isn't necessary, but i have the stuff, so i use it, lol....

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