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How do I calm the paranoia?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VirginiaSlim, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I'm new here!

    Ok, so I used to smoke all the time and all it did was mellow me out and help with my creative energy (poetry, music, etc.).

    I got involved with something for about three years where I was constantly caught up in fear for my life 24/7.

    Now that Im out of that situation, weed still makes me extremely paranoid. I feel like I'm choking. Reality is so incredibly weird to me when I'm high. Especially if I'm outside. It's like my consciousness is expanded 10000x and my heart beat creates the world around me. I'm Like FUCK, I'm a human being! :eek: Gravity? What is that? It does not exist when I'm high.

    When I talk to people it's like I'm trapped in my mind. I don't hear a word their saying and my mind is racing a thousand miles an hour. I have had thee most awkward moments because of this. I think the only time I'm not paranoid is if I'm with my fiance and....yea...I'm thoroughly preoccupied with him.

    I really miss the high I used to get. Music and weed used to be my best friend.

    I can honestly say shrooms is a much more mellow high for me than weed. It's that serious

    How do I calm the paranoia? If I take melatonin before I smoke, would that help?
  2. smoke more... it mellows after a while... but your tolerance goes up

    sugar helped me... i drank a redbull before smoking for a while... then i no longer needed it
  3. Nah the melatonin will just make you tired. Take really small hits and just get a small buzz, you can't go wrong with a buzz and then work your way up from there, you'll eventually get comfortable with it again once you realize it's all in your head

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