How do I buy from drchronic with cash?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Paranoid Man, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. I want to buy seeds from drchronic with cash. Do I just mail them the money with a note with what strain I want and what address to send them too or do I have to email them? I only have cash and no credit card.
  2. they probably accept money orders, not cash. you can get a money order at a supermarket, a bank or the post office.
  3. you have to print out there order form. it should be on the homepage. you than fill out the form and send it in with the payment. i would also suggest a money order because they are cheaper and more secure. you can put a stop payment and refund a money order if it gets lost or stolen in the mail.
  4. Actually you make theorder online and when it asks for your payment type you put in Money Order. Then you take the order number from your confirmation, Write it on the money order and send it on in. Doc is the best around (that ships to USA). I always get my order within a week.
  5. When sending a money order for seeds, how do I go about converting pounds to dollars? Will the post office do it or should I find some conversion online?
  6. The bank might do it, idk about the post office but maybe,
  7. Or should i just order online with credit card? What have u guys experienced? I read the post about the credit card calling for confirmation, I suppose that isn't that large of a deal. I'm starting with seeds then gonna make a box. I'm real excited, i'd like to start threading once my operation is underway. This site and all its responces are real damn informative.
  8. Figured it out. On Dr. Chronic's homesite u can select which currency your want and it converts to seed prices. :p
  9. Hey bro, you can't go wrong w/ the Dr. I ordered from "Rhino Seeds" over a month ago, they charged me, said they mailed my order on the 4th of April, still nothing. I did my research, found out about the Doc, ordered on Tuesday night, rec'd today, on the east coast (US). Good luck.
  10. Doc and many other seedbanks have already thought about and provided answers for all of your questions. Go through the ordering process and FAQs on Doc's website, it's all there.
  11. when sending a money order do u have to first put the order in online and then write an order number with it? or can u just simply print out the order form from the doc's site, fill out wut u want, and send it in with the money order? srry guys these things confuse me
  12. you can print out the form and mail in a money order or cash. also join his forum at and put your user name on the order form and you get a 10% discount and can pick a free pack of nirvana seeds if you order 3 packs of anything. for a couple of more weeks (i think) he's also sending out free packs of his Troublemaker which is hindu kush X master kush.

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