How do I break up with her?

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  1. I've known my girl since 7th grade,
    always have been great friends, always loving each other... always til the beginning of the school year. This past year, before school started, she had to move away, move to California [I live in TX], and weve been on a long distance relationship ever since. Now, I LOVED her to death, and was her full world, still am, as she was mine as well, but we've grown to fight a lot and we're both very insecure...
    its horrible. i just want to end it so i could move on, cause honestly, i dont see myself going anywhere other than bed with this girl anymore and it hurts me.
    the old saying "long distance relationships never work out" is true :\
    i'm tired of phone and cyber sex,
    its fucking stupid! i want the real thing :\
  2. If you don't think you have a secure relationship, talk with her about it and hear if she thinks the same thing. My girlfriend and I are doing a long distance thing and we talked it over and everything is okay (atm, we plan to visit and hang as often as possible).
  3. long distance relationships are hard indeed...

    well talk to her about it,fully,give her time but be clear so she can understand and maybe vindicate/justify you..
    itll be a bit easier for her if she doesnt feel fooled,used or betrayed.avoid anything said that would make her think youre an asshole after all..and generally be gentle..

    after the break up ,which is almost always awful ,dont deny her..keep some contact cause its very heartbreaking loosing contact with someone you loved and trusted and thought s/he cared for you.
    show her you still care but due to circumstances or whatever you cant be with her any longer.
    of course if youd mean any of these..
    life is unfair,unfortunately..
    but it goes on

    good luck to you both
    i really wish the best
  4. Man you keep doin' that shyt your gonna be trapped in this little fuckin' box, you need to get out meet more girlz, you don't wanna be sittin' there readin' textz and jerkin' off tryin' to make them textz come true in yo head
  5. As a female, I say it's best to just tell her how you really feel. Tell her that you still care about her but it's better if you're just friends. Also, do NOT make it seem like you're leaving her because you wanna fuck someone else..That will just hurt her. Let her down gently. :smoke:

    I had something like this where I went away for college and she stayed home. We did long distance for like 5 months and all it turned into was me wanting to fuck her and thats it. When we would see each other every month or so we would have sex but like nothing more, I realized it wasnt right and the break up was ridic bad.

    You need to get out of this as soon as possible, it will suck so bad but long distance does not work. Break up and say you still love her and if you ever like live in the same place again you can get back together or whatever
  7. be a man about it and tell her the truth
  8. this sounds soo fuckin fake/

    i feel so bad for the girl...
    dont say any of these if it'll be lies.
  9. no he said he loves her i didnt mean just say it i meant like tell her you still do, sorry if the typing was confusion :smoke:
  10. Just tell her the truth - you love her, you guys were meant to be together or whatever, but it just obviously isn't the right time for you two to be together or fate wouldn't have split you up.

    Very few long distance relationships work out. I was in one when my high school gf went to college - it lasted maybe a year, at most. Even though I loved her I really regret doing that because we had very very very few good memories. Other than that long distance bullshit we had a great relationship, and I would've MUCH rather looked back on that than the long distance stuff. Not to mention all of the experiences we both lost.

    It's best for both of you to split up IMHO. She may take it hard but she'll forgive you.
  11. What had happened, really happened.
    For some reason he gave me the password to this, and this is how I found out he wanted to leave me for sure and that he wasn't just lonely.

    I found out he cheated on me with a dozen girls and didn't tell, his sister told me and showed me. He started calling me a whore and a slut just because every now and then I would say something to a guy. I have never cheated on him once. I loved him .... and look at us now. He won't even talk to me. But he'd rather get drunk and high and just forget me ....
    KNowing him all these years. loving him.
    Well, at least you guys had the right thing in mind when he should have left me. He should have done it that way instead of this. He's ruined so muich.
  12. ^^What the fuck?

    Calling this out, no way it's real.
    "Here babe, sign into my weed forum account and check this thread I made 11 months ago, I'm telling the truth."

    Come on.
  13. nigguh shut up, he gave me to a while ago. he gave me all his passwords dumbass.
  14. You say..

    This isn't going to work. It's over. And make her feel like it's her fault too. Matter of fact, tell her that you know she's been cheating on you.

    ;) You can thank me later.

    But in all seriousness. Long distance relationships can work, however let's factor in your age (wait, how old are you?) and your experience with girls. Sounds to me like you're young and inexperienced, as well as she is.

    You should just be honest about how you feel -that your relationship isn't progressing and it's tearing you up inside. And that it would be best if the both of you just moved on... and experienced what it could be like with other people? Also, if you two were meant to be, then one day (a few years, far from now) the both of you could maybe give your relationship another shot?

    Don't beat yourself up for being honest about how you feel. You're obviously not happy.. so get a little selfish and tell her to kick rocks (but that you absolutely will always have love for her).


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