How do i break the ice with my (probably) stoner neighbors?

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  1. Alright so my family and I just moved (i know fucking great for my last year in high school, its bullshit) but i met my neighbors and the wife noticed my shoes. They're ipaths with a rasta strap on them and she asked if i knew what that ment and i was like ahhh ya and she just replys "haha that's awesome" (while another neighbor and my parents stood their puzzled) then the husband proceeded to explain how he can eat a good 20lbs of king crabs (i was just thinkin damn he must have the hella munchies then). Also last friday we stopped by as we were driving into the subdivision and saw them and my dad asked what they were doing to night. They replied they were going to some concert which they explained was a combination of Bob Marley music and Passion Pit. Right as he said that i was just thinking to myself that these are going to be the best neighbors ever.

    So does everyone else agree with me that these people are probably hella stoners (they dont look like it on first impression but with the contact i had with them, they're sure puttin that message out there). If so i just wanna see what they'd do if i was over there and whipped out my bowl or was like, you guys smoke that good dank? If i whipped out my bowl and they didnt then that could probably be bad. So how do you think i should break the ice with my new neighbors?
  2. "do you know how much a polar bear weighs?

    enough to break the ice."

    thats how i meet new people.
  3. just say hi and ask if they smoke the herb. seems like they already broke the ice by commenting on your boot straps

  4. this is good advise, thank you kind sir
  5. Dude those hemp Ipaths are good as fuck but get blown out in like a week
  6. i was in the hospital for a few days.....and someone had brought me a blunt.....
    left it with me....
    but did not leave me a lighter....

    so i walk out to parking lot......

    look round....

    see the first guy who looks like he a wheel chair....

    so i go over to him....ask if he has a light....

    fire up the blunt and hand it to him.....

    he was so thankful!!!!!!:hello:

    i always just ask straight out .....

    how i ask depends on the feeling i get from the person.....

    some people you just know you can fire it up with?

    i did a roof job today with a lunch he handed me the bowl....
    he said "unless you got a problem with it....we going to smoke this..."
    i said ...." hell no fire it up!";):smoke:

  7. "Do you know how much this dank weighs?

    Enough to get us high"
  8. I love meeting new and random people that like to smoke trees. Its a great way to make some new friends, its a shame though that our laws make us afraid to ask around
  9. Wouldn't that be something to end up asking a cop by accident.
  10. You smoked a blunt outside of a hospital? sheeeit.
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    Ha I remember once in Utah I pulled up to the ski resort an im sittin like on the trunk of my car puttin my board boots on and this guy pulls in to the spot next to me listening to like Kottonmouth kings. He then flips through a few songs and I hear like Bone Thugs, Devin the dude, Bob Marley etc so when he gets out im like yeah this guy smokes so I was like "yo you blaze"? He said "Hell yeah wanna smoke a bowl up top"? So I say yeahhh and we proceed to ride a couple lfits up to the top of the mountain gettin to know each other on the way this turned out to be a hella chill guy. We smoked in his little spot in the trees up top it was like the most amazing thing getting lifted and looking out from that view. Then we tore it up on the mountain and had a great day.

    From having this experience and a few others I would say if you have that certain feelin about them and they commented on your shoes and shit just say whatever you want to break the ice don't worry about it bro. Maybe don't just whip out the bowl though lol
  12. I guess you can try the oul drop a bag of weed in front of them like it is an accident trick.
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    Yes, I think they sound like stoners. A lot of "neighbors" secretly are. I would wait until you get a more conclusive sign though. I mean what you have so far is good evidence, but keep a sharp eye out for typical signs, like the way they talk, or red eyes, etc. If they're stoners you'll eventually smell it somewhere.

    I wouldn't jump the gun on them. Just in case. But I would play some hints back their way, feel it out, and so on. You don't know how good of friends they're going to become with your parents either, so if you're hiding it from your parents that's a good thing to consider.

    I'm clearly an adult, and I smoke weed routinely when I get the opportunity, so if my neighbors kids came around talking about weed I would be very open to listen to them, but not all people are that way.

    It is in your best interests to place caution over socialism in this situation, but I wouldn't rule out the opportunity to get really chill with your new neighbors. Might help you a lot in life, being that final year of high school is a rough time anyway.

    Edit: Oh and your too young to just ask straight out as some people suggested. I assume there is a dilemma with your own parents not knowing, and etc, etc, etc.

    The wheelchair story thing is awesome, but not typical for a teenager. That's the kind of shit you try when you're a bit older :) Not talking down to the teens....just saying life is a lot different at it's many different stages. If anything, for all that my life has sucked through the years, the teen years were the most complex :)
  14. Talk to them about California Prop 19.

  15. Great idea!

    i guess it depends on the state you live in, but just be like,you hear about California? Proposition 19? then see if they know.:smoke::smoke:
  16. Get the dankest shit you can possibly get your hands on, go outside and tell them you need help with something, bring them back to inside (or wherever you smoke) and have the blunt/joint/bowl packed and ready to go laying on the table.
  17. "hey wat up do yall negros smoke trees?"
    thats how id approach the situation

  18. well yeah?

    in the little gown...the one where your ass shows.....

    right out in the parking lot....

    i kindda have a habit of smoking where ever i want?:smoke:

    i figure...."they(the cops)can get their own!":eek:

    acupple weeks or a month or so ago ...i was smoking walking round the "local police carnival..":smoke:

    fuck it!

    you only live once!
  19. I would verbally ask if they toke, before whipping out a piece. In the off chance that the answer is no, a lot more can go wrong if you're standing there with a loaded bowl. If the answer is yes, you can always take the bowl out of your pocket.
  20. Which is why I wouldn't prefer to live my one life behind bars :laughing:

    But I've seen your posts about how you're pretty much a survivalist, so I understand.

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