How do I break off with my dealer?

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  1. Hey, I'm in a bit of a tricky one right now.
    I moved to London for Uni in August and I didnt know anyone/dealers. I transferred my part time job to London and a colleague (a rasta) linked me up with a guy he knows who regularly shops at my work.
    I met him and he's a really nice guy and I've been buying off him regularly for about 4 months nows.
    He always gives my good amounts, solid 2g or sometimes 2.2g for £20, so he's being good to me because I'm regular. The only downside is the product is ALWAYS compressed and not great quality. I have had a batch before which has loads of seeds in and wasn't very green.. he's just getting the cheaper stuff in. 
    So I smoked with some Uni friends the other day and they had beautiful Amnesia, greenest of the green, and when I got mine to share with them, it was actually embarrassing because their faces looked pretty disgusted at what I had, and they said it looked dirty and didn't really want to smoke it.
    I explained to them about my guy etc, then they gave me the number of their guy and said it's cool for me to hook up and I want to buy off him from now on.
    My regular guy is really cool, he always answers the phone, delivers it to my house any time, he calls me when he has new product. He even met me at 1am to have a meeting as I was thinking of selling it to my Uni friends (which I probably wont be from him now) and he said he would sort out ounces for me. He also comes in to my work and chats to me.
    So it's really awkward as I see him more than when I buy off him. How do I break it off with him for this new guy?

  2. Just be up front with him. Tell him you found a connect with better quality.
  3. life,s to short to smoke poor weed . i would not go out of my way to rub it in his face (my weeds better than yours lol) but if asked i would prob smoke some with him and explain .
  4. Just stop buying from him. If he asks, tell you found a source with much better bud. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Keep him on as a secondary. Seems like a great guy who just doesn't have the best shit, but any stoner with experience will tell you that there are moments of pure desperation where your primary connect is either not around, dry, or inconvenienced. If it comes to a situation where it's be sober or get high off of decent bud, I would take the the slightly reduced quality. Not only that, but it's not like finding people that cool out in the world who share your mutual appreciation of weed are that common. It's like stumbling across a $5 bill in the street by chance. I wouldn't say burn the bridge with someone who seems that cool, and who has also had my back like that. But I'm also idealistic. Realistically speaking, you're not obligated to stand by or even acknowledge family, let alone your connect. If you actually feel remorse for buying something illegal from someone else, there's obviously some attachment that speaks for itself. Who knows, maybe if he sees that you are still cool with him but that you buy less, he'll take the hint and personally consider the quality of his stock without you having to say a word.
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    If you don't want to offend him or something, you could maybe continue buying small amounts off your previous guy, but go to your new source when you want a bigger weight. 
    And who knows...maybe if you stay with your old dealer, it might pay off. He might start picking up better bud and hooking you up for a good price. I've had this happen to myself before. Patience with the dealer paid off and I reaped the rewards down the line once they upped their quality. Though I take it this guy has no interest in improving the quality of the product he sells.
  7. Smoke some of the better shit with him & ask if he can get stuff like that my dealer always goes for the cheap shit too but I tell him I want the best shit he can find a couple days in advance and usually he'll do that for me & it won't even fuck with the priceSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  8. Ask the guy who sells the better weed to hook your friend up. He sounds like a dedicated guy willing to go that extra mile for a few extra bucks. I mean he helps you out at 1am!! If you tell that to the guy selling good  weed he'll probably sell to him. That way you can keep getting good weed with over-weighed bags from your friend. He sounds cool man, help him get better stock for both of your interests
  9. "It's not you, it's me..."
  10. Just don't do it over text okay? I've been there and..... it hurt, never saw those dank buds again.... :cry:
  11. Just stop hitting him up? He will get the message trust meSent from my Prism using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  12. He's most likely buying reggie because he doesn't want to buy loud, or is saving up till he has enough money to sell a good amount of some dro weed. Good weed is really easy to find, their dealer probably aint even shit to be honest. Either way he still has the better bud so go to him.
  13. Maybe you could just like ask him to start to ship in higher quality weed. I guess it depends on his personality when it's about questions like that, but I would have been going for it.
  14. How do you break it off when you want to change phone companies? Its business, treat it as such and just quit buying from him.
  15. Say your trying to stop smoking but you'll still hit him up occasionally (if your primary is dry or doesnt answer ect) or you can just stop hitting him up.
  16. Stop hitting him up, he'll get the idea. Dealers can't get butt hurt about it if they aren't putting out, it's not your problem.
  17. I would keep him as a secondary dealer like others have said, there will be that time when the dank guy can't meet up or is dry
  18. Being up front with the guy would be better than lying to him, especially if he found out you were lying. Tell him that you liked the amounts and that he was good on being available but the quality wasn't great. Maybe he has better quality you can get from him.
  19. he's selling you schwag for dank

    just don't call him

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