How do I blow up like nitro?

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  1. Brainstorm some ideas, I need to make mad skrill. How hard is it to manage a nice club? What about becoming a drug kingpin and ruling the world? Fuck, I don't know, help me GC! Fuck being an average joe.
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  3. "now they heard you're blowin up like nitro
    and they wanna stick the knife through your wind pipe slow" - Biggie

    But real talk get some hoes, get em addicted to yay and sell them. People are more profitable than drugs.

  4. I was thinking of that song while I made this thread, and I like your style, could definitely work.
  5. I've got it in my current playlist, it consists of:

    Warning - Biggie Smalls
    Wipe me Down - Boosie
    I Got a Story to Tell - Biggie

    and then just loop that shit, never gets old

    But really do it, post in the growing section with pictures of your ho's at different stages of addiction and whoring

  6. Son, I'm surprised you run with them
    I think they got cum in them, cause they, nothin but dicks
    Tryin to blow up like nitro and dynamite sticks
    Mad I smoke hydro rock diamonds, that's sick
    Got pay off my flow, rhyme with my own click
    Take trips to Cairo, layin with yo bitch
    I know you prayin you was rich, fuckin prick- biggie, kick in the door

    Remember SEX SELLS. And it always will.

    But really do what you love and you'll blow up like a firecracker in a cows ass.

    But sitting on ass all day getting high and eating ice cream doesn't count sorry to tell you. But its a great hobby or weekend sport.

  7. You good sir made me lol
  8. [ame=]Tyler The Creator - Yonkers - YouTube[/ame]
  9. You'll always just be a person.
  10. dude.....all you gotta do is get some know the nitrous oxide shit for your car..then heat/light it directly beside you and blew up like nitro......nitrous oxide muthaphucka
  11. i was picturing 80's nitro cause of the title...soo, glad i'm wrong. My contribution, get a piece and get muggin'...
  12. All you gotta do is listen to, 10 Crack Commandments - Biggie
  13. time to get paid, blow up like the world trade
  14. centre on nine one one two zero zero one
  15. came into this topic just to post this haha
  16. Start counterfeiting money.

    Get a very good color image scanner that can hook up to your color printer, scan some old bills without the new watermarks, and once there printed out in paper form, you have to glue each side together.

    The brew some weak coffee, submerge the fake paper money in it, and let it sit in the fridge for a few days.

    Take it out, rub some cotton balls over it lightly, and dry it out, it should kind of have the feel of money.

    Go to supermarkets, other stores etc. And buy something small with like a 50 dollar fake bill, most cashiers are stupid and will take it without noticing and give you change.

    Repeat until you have a shitload of real money from collecting change, and then put it in your bank account.

    Very important not to go right to the bank with fake bills. Many people who work in a bank will recognize fake money, so ya, don't try that, look for idiot cashiers in walmart or something.

    If you get caught, your fucked. So ya, be careful.

  17. ya think?
  18. Cash, Rules, Everything, Around, Me
    Get the money
    Dollar, dollar bill y'all

    Don't do illegal shit, go to college

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