How do I best salvage plants that have grown too high?

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  1. Hey,

    Ive got three dr grinspoons (2018 pheno) that I let grow too high. They have far outgrown my hps light and top "buds" are against the tent ceiling. (see picture attached)
    Should I go ahead and cut off 30cm (12 inches) of every stem and put a "scrog net" underneath pull the buds thru the net holes and just cut my losses? How would the plant likely react having all stems chopped off 30cm? Or should I let the airy top buds that dont get direct light build up for a feew weeks (seems somewhat useless too?). There is no space in the dark room LST without cutting off top stem parts.
    My priority is of course yield. Happy midsummer.

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  2. Is there a reason you do not want to super crop? I believe that's what it's called but just squeeze and soften up the stem on each plant at the hight you want and bend the main stem to a 90. It looks to me like you have enough room to get away with it. If you do decide to chop off the top there is no need to waste it, try and get them to root and bam next tent full ready to bud up.
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  3. I'd super crop but u may need to support them to keep them from pointing strait to the ground.

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  4. Bending is always preferred to chopping off parts of the plant that it took the effort to build. Bending is easy enough even on an old very stiff branch or mainstem.
    With pliers crush a 6-12 inch zone where you want the bend. This will act as a strain relief and the stem won't snap.
    Crush and bend, the fluids still flow and the top will keep right on growing.
    Snap, and the top usually dies as fluids can't flow past the snap.
    Done this more then a few times to keep plants below the top of the back wall.
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  5. Hey guys, thanks for your kind help. I will crush some stems and bend them as soon as I have the necessary space in the room. Right now smaller indica plants are using the "empty space" in the picture.
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  6. Alright,

    I did as suggested. Oh boy, I cant recommend it to anymone. I dont wish this job for anybody. its gonna serve as a valuable lesson to me not to ever ever grow plants this way again.
    Im sure half the stems died during the "crushing" process. If a stem is in basically 3-4 pieces then its probably best to just cut it off right? (as in picture) There was just no avoiding it no matter how carefully I tried to do it. :(

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  7. Give it a couple days, you'll be able to tell which branches are recovering and which, if any are wilting. You'll be surprised at what these plants can survive. Any branches that are split like that, put some duct tape around.
  8. You’ll be surprised at how resilient they are

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