How do i become more social?

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    Im not a big talker, never have been. But I just don't know what to say to girls, shit just doesn't pop up in my head it's like my mind goes blank every time that I get a chance. I really need help, is there books I can read or anything? I just need like ideas of things to say..
  2. you can learn anything from reading books. take out some books on speaking with your hands, and books that help you build your communication and social skills. cant help you with names because i haven't read any.

    you got the right idea though
  3. Alcohol; the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.
  4. whip out your dick. Always a conversation starter
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    Whip your dick out bro, then you won't have to say shit.

    But if you are apart of the 1% just be confident and smooth. Most of the times I talk to girls I start off with something stupid IMO, but my swag is so overwhelming that they blush n shit anyway. Prince charming type of shit bro. Honestly bro, girls want you to talk to them. It makes them feel good. And race has alot to do with it. If you can pimp a black bitch ( hardest IMO ) , you can pimp them all. Just don't say any corny shit, or smile the whole time or she might consider you cheesy. Be confident.
  6. There are some really good tips in this link. I do all of these and I didn't even know it was helping me become more sociable, and well, it honestly works, seeing how I'm a pretty sociable guy. :) Not trying to..what's it call? Hang my own chain or ring my own bell, whatever the saying goes:laughing:

    How to Become More Talkative - Tips to Be More Talkative
  7. [quote name='"dudickle"']Alcohol; the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.[/quote]

    I was seriously wanting to quit smoking for a month and just drink every night but it's not easy
  8. Try quitting smoking and see if that helps. And if your going to do it seriously quit for at least a year. Also I could say a bunch of things but the simple way to put it is try not to worry about it, just start talking and the words will come eventually. It doesn't matter if you sound like a blithering idiot the more you practice the sooner you can get past this. Everyone is usually just as nervous as you are.
  9. Get u some mdma n ull b just fine! Its fabulous! I knw how u feel tho, I'm nt a very sociable person either.
  10. Mdma... I miss u sometimes...

    Anyway for the chicks, u dont really need to talk as much as listen. Just say things that show u are listening to what they are saying. Dont give out too much about yourself. Women like an air of mystery
  11. Just try to talk to more people. Think about what you could talk about with people and just do it.

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