How do I balance nutrients and ph during grow?

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  1. Last night I took 100ml of top soil and mixed it with 100ml of ro water then filtered it after a number of hours. My results:
    Ph 5.8
    Ppm 650

    So today i watered with a higher ph and normal ppm:
    Ph 6.9
    Ppm 680

    I use a 30 litre fabric pot and after watering with about 13 litres of ro water i had a little over 2 litres of run off.

    I just tested the run off and it was 1500 ppm

    Is there something I'm doing wrong? I dont understand how this process should work, any advice would be welcome!

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  2. When you see ppm rise in run off, it means lower your feeding. Your plant have more nutrient available than what they can absorb so you are building a toxic salt environment.
  3. 1500 ppm runoff how old big is your plant this is high as frock hope you are not peak flowering. You need to flush right miaw my friend
  4. Can dirty water increase the ppm? I just realised I didn't filter it before I tested.

    This is only the second water after transplanting to the 30 litre pot. I'm about 3/4 through veg.
  5. Im a coco grower so I was going with from what I've red and your method for measuring soi PH seemed accurate. If its your second feeding you definitely dont need to flush. On the other hand, 13l liters of water you dont need that much. My biggest plant 5feet tall by 4 feet wide peak flowering in coco (means more water) would need maximum 6 liters a day to have 20% runoff. And 2 liters of runoff in soil seems to be excessive. Well sorry mate that's the best I can say.
  6. You said you have RO why worry bout dirty water. Next feeding ppm water before nutes
  7. what soil are you using? Anything containing nutes and elements will raise your ppm like fox farm OF or MG soil or any brand containing compost etc
  8. I'm using canna terra soil, the good shit. What I meant by dirty is that the actual soil getting into the water, would that modify the ppm? 1500 is crazy high though, I read a few times that I should water until I get 20% runoff. That's how much it takes... am I wrong?
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  9. To me 20% is for coco. 20in soil you must be drowning the roots except if you have like 40% perlite. Sounds wrong. I would water soil till I have Some runoff so maybe 4,5 up to maybe 10 %.?... calling out all soil growers here!!!!!
  10. This is exactly what I meant canna terra witch I agree is premium shit contains already tons of elements and nutrient available so if you fed 600ppm plus what's in you soil plus conversion if your meter does not use ppm500scale (Hanna) 1500pmm it is what it is man
  11. Canna terra soil = no feeding for next 2 months except for canna boost and canna PK booster than watch for deficiencies.
  12. Go organic and don't worry about PH or nutes!
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  14. Btw canna terra is close to organic ;)
  15. I always Ph my water and nutrient water when mixed to 6.3 to 6.5. No issues from the start of my Zkittlez.
  16. Okay, I'm starting to get less suspicious. What I didn't tell you all is that before the 30 litre pot they were in a 7 litre pot with canna seedling soil, retaining far too much moisture but it is what it is and I have to be kind to them now. I flushed after transplanting so I'm surprised at the level. Thanks for your input folks

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