How do i ask her out?

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  1. Ok theirs this girl im planning to ask out, but the problem is i dont really know to ask it. Also the setting will be in a high school right after the bell rings so its going to be crowded and loud.
    This is my plan but i dont know if its a lil wierd.

    me: Hey can i talk to you?
    her: ok
    me: You wanna go to the movies with me this saturday?
    her: Yes id love to!
    me: can i get your number then?
    her: yeah
    me: k peace dont forget to bring some condoms
    her: i wont :hello:
    Ok maby without the condom part lol. But it sounds a lil cheezy to me got any other sujestions? :smoking:
  2. You: "How much does a polar bear weigh?"
    Her: "I don't know..."
    You: "Enough to break the ice, I'm HitsFrom@Bong, wanna catch a movie sat night?"

    Instant win.
  3. Be like "My dick, your mouth. At 8pm tonight"
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    If you think it is going to be weird, it will. So just cool it.

    Try talking to her before class is over, when it isn't loud and crowded.
  5. :ey: i like it, haha.

  6. Your sig got me. I tried to grab it...twice!
  7. hahaha win
  8. "Pssst.. Yeah.. Come here a second"

    She moves closer to you.

    "I got a big dick, and you're lookin cute, wanna fuck?"

    99% guarantee on the slap to the face but... if it works then she's a freak!
  9. yeah if you dont get a slap shes a keeper

  10. Yeah so it's best to say it to em all till you get that one, :L
  11. I dont know. if your good lookin man thats all it pretty much takes to go on a date. it takes more to get past that.

    dont say wanna go on a date? cause then it seems like your putting a lot of uhh fuck i forgot the word you know the word!! kinda like pedastal.

    well anyways just say hey what are you doing (friday) wanna go to a movie?
  12. Be definitive.

    Tell her you want to take her out on a date to dinner and a movie on friday night. (or whatever the plans are). If you say something like want to chill or wanna hang out you and her don't know for sure if its a date, which will effect the outcome later.

    Look good of course.

    don't use any slang or curse words, try to speak the entire word. no uhms, likes, or akward pauses.

    You're in.
  13. Ha, good one. Koops, I think that smoking reveals a lot about others too. You can really look into their psychology and shit like that.

    OP, just don't be a weirdo like me, and you'll get plenty of dates.

  14. Thats good advice for the man.
  15. Don't say "hey can i talk to you" that sounds like something bad is about to happen. just be like hey whats up and then tell her you want to take her out.
  16. I usually ask if i can ask them something, and if you actually talk to the girl regularly then you'll probably know what the answer is gonna be from their expression right after you say that. then ask her if she wants to go to a movie with you friday night

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