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How do i ask her if she wants to smoke on the low.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by israelj055, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Theres this girl i wanna smoke with but u dont want her to get the wrong impression. That im a lazy pothead n all
  2. Wait for her around a corner with a blunt in hand, as soon as she's about to come around take a deep inhale and blow it in her face. Afterwards do a heel click and run away with your arms flayling in the air. You'd have smoked with her, and she wouldn't think your a pothead.
  3. People will think what they want. If she already has a certain idea about stoners I doubt there's anything you can do to change her but hey you can still try. My advice is just be yourself. Stay true. Let her know you smoke, kick it with her when you're high and not high let her see the real you if she likes it good. If not too bad for her.
  4. lol thats how you see yourself bro don't blame her for that. If you see yourself as an awesome individual you'd just shrug if she wasn't into it. Just relax and be yourself and stop acting like smoking is your dirty little secret or somethin'. Blaze on brother :smoke:
  5. Me personally, i would just spark it and pass it to the left or right which ever side she stands on. And bring something with you like I bring my DS and I play one of this brain games or Pokemon when i'm stoned. In truth, as someone mentioned before me she's gonna think what she wants to think soo you mind as well go for it.

    And if she says you're a lazy pot head or anything of that nature...challenge it.
  6. I always just talk to her about weed.. bring it up as a subject.. gauge her reaction on if shes cool smoking or not... if not.. wait til she is emotionally vested and spring it on her.. lol (if your dating that is)
  7. Just ask her if she wants to come over and choke on your tube.. I don't see how she could take that the wrong way. ;)

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