How do I approach her?

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  1. There's this adorable girl that works at our local grocer and every time we see each other she always stares at me and we look one another in the eyes, and we've even smiled at one another.

    I totally want her.

    I've been dying to have a threesome with my significant other and she's just so perfect; everything I love in a girl (physically I suppose).

    I feel like we've definitely shared some light flirting... how the fuck do I even approach her?

    I definitely don't want to make her feel uncomfortable; and I'm sure as hell not going to just waltz right up to her and say, 'hey, want to have a threesome with me?'

    I used to be so confident when it came to approaching girls but this is different because it's not dating; it's not even one-on-one casual sex...there is another person involved.

    Ugh help, any suggestions? This is a sticky situation. (no pun intended.)

    Ah, fuck it... pun intended. :D
  2. It;s gonna be kinda tricky since you're already in a relationship and you're trying to convince a total stranger to have a threesome with your SO.
  3. yeah that's...obvious...and thus my objective of the post. :p

    [edit] that unintentionally came off as rude so I do apologize.

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