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How do growers make weed smell like chocolate?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adamti91, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. i just picked up an eighth of some bud with a friend, and the stuff smelled like straight up hershey bar. It didn't look any different that most dank i get, just the trichromes seemed smaller. now i usually get named strains every once in awhile (or whatever the fuck me and my friend make up to call it anyway), and this was called chocolate somthing, i forget. how do breeders get the smell and taste to be of chocolate?
  2. It was probably chocolate chunk. Stuff was going around houston for a week or two, but I never bought any because it was indica dominant. At the same time I had the choice of that or super silver haze, so of course I picked up the ssh instead with my love of pure sativas.

  3. Super silver haze is not a pure sativa.

    Here are links to the strains used to produce super silver haze. Skunk Haze Northern Lights

    And the link for the Super Silver Haze itself-

    It is an Indica/Sativa hybrid. Like most strains nowadays.

    Just so you know...
  4. Old cocoa bean fields are turned into marijuana fields, and its in the nutrients...

    At least that what someone told me.
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    This is good to know.
    I thought it was a pure sativa after the first time I smoked it because of how extremely baked it got me, haha. Very powerful.
    I never heard of it before or tried that hard to look at the genetics, just assumed from that experience. I never felt any indica qualities, but I guess I really wouldn't seeing how it is mostly sativa I learned after actually looking it up.
    Thanks for the knowledge ;)
  6. Either a chocolate smelling strain.


    Mixing cocoa extract in with the water during the last week of flowering.
  7. There is a strain Called Chocolate Chunk and there is also Chocolate weed found in Jamaica...this is usually browner than the other strains and had a slight smell of a snickers/hershey...mine smelt like Snickers...but anyway..if it aint Chocolate Chunk and its brown but still looking kinda dank..and gets you super high..its chocolate from Jamaica

    it wont be like a shitty looking brown but a healthy kind that looks like thats how the plant actually is, brownish a lil bit
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    It's weird, it doesn't just taste like cocoa plant, which would be pretty bitter I guess, but it's just like a candy bar, all sweet and stuff. so weird but amazing, i really can't stop smelling this stuff!

    edit, definitely an indica, this shit knocks me the fuck out lol. real couch-lock high like a full indica
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    The growers don't do anything to make it taste like chocolate. It's all about terpenes wich are basically the molecules wich give cannabis, and a variaty off other plants theyr smell and taste.
    Different cannabis strains have different terpene profiles and it's this that gives strains theyr characteristic smell and taste.
    For example Limonene is a terpene found in citrus fruits, oranges lemons and so on. The citrus tasting strains like lemon skunk, orange bud, citral and so on have a high Limonene content hence the citrus taste. Alpha-Pinene is a terpene wich is found in abundantly in pine trees, so weed that smells like pine has a high Alpha-Pinene content.

    So u see where i'm getting at, the taste off weed has little to do with the grower it's all about the strain and it's terpene profile. The only thing a grower can do is use decent organic nutes and good growing techniques to grow a plant to it's full potential so that terpene production is optimal, hence a good taste. Some not too long blooming varieties ( 8 weeks ) will produce more terpenes and so a better taste if u allow them to bloom for an extra week. But u can't just add some stuff to make u'r plant taste like chocolate or lemon or whatever, hope i anwsered u'r question.

    Exactly my friend as a matter off fact ssh was especially bread to have a sativa with mor indica traits. Meaning less longer flower time, not so stretchy so easely growable in indoors in smaller grow rooms. I once read in a greenhouse flyer that ssh is the most indica among theyr sativas.

  10. way to go sambo
  11. thanks a lot man, i just got back from vacation and picked up another quarter of the stuff the smell still stuns me lol. now i know why. :smoke:
  12. adamti91, theres no way you can find out what strain that is? ive been looking for a chocolate tasting strain for a while
  13. if your looking for seeds to grow the strain, you're not looking
    hard enough.
  14. Instead of water they gave the plants yoohoo
  15. what?.....

  16. [​IMG]
  17. never forget you could have bin tastey puffed!
  18. ^ people use tastey puff to add bag appeal? how wrong!
  19. i've gotten bags in which the smell was so distinct that i thought they might have put the bag in another bag of blueberries, bubble gum, etc to get the smell so strong, or added something to make it smell like that. I had some "bubblegum" a few weeks back that smelled straight up like a stick of original gum. And "blueberry" that smelled so strongly of Sour Punch Blue Raspberry straws

    regardless of what they did, it still got me blazed as hell :smoking:

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