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how do glass screens work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by RUFFLZ, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Yup. Put it in there, they're usually shaped like a jack kinda. Put it in the hole.

    They're a bitch though, dealing with cleaning your piece sucks, you'll almost always just want to throw it out.
  2. It slows down flow so loose pieces don't fall through.

    Glass screens are almost free if you ask headshop employees.
  3. it turns one big hole into a bunch of smaller holes, which are big enough for air and smoke to pass through, but small enough to keep large bits of weeds and ash out. Don't take my word for it though, never used one or seen one in use
  4. I prefer not using one. Because sometimes I hit bowl/slider on ashtray and screen always pops out and fingers get dirty.

    Once you learn to pack bowls, it's useless.

    Tips: use larger nug on bottom and loose shake on top.

    Inhale slower.

    Sometimes people inhales too fast or strong.

    I hate seeing green nugs floating in a bong. If I pack you one and you pull unburnt weed through, I pack you annoying dense solid nug.

  5. does breaking the weed up make it more potent? i heard someone say that..

    my bowl i got for my bong has a HUGE hole so im kinda scared to waste weed haha and its not too big of a deal for me to use a screen.
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    ...unless you pack snaps and have a large(r) bowl.

    Glass or metal, once there's a decent amount of resin in the bowl, the screen usually "sticks" in there. Of course, if you keep your piece clean(ish), you might not ever get to that point.

    EDIT: Breaking it up doesn't really make it more potent, but it does give more surface area to burn. That makes it easier to hit. I use screens most of the time that I smoke, but it's really personal preference.

  7. Ive actually heard that breaking up the weed loses the potency because a majority of the trichomes will fall off.

  8. Depending on how you do it...this is definitely possible. Use a grinder and anything that does fall off will end up as kief :)
  9. Its not like the weed magically becomes more potent, but by breaking a a nug up you are increasing the available surface area, meaning you can more effectively and efficiently burn your buds and smoke
    (surface area = amount of bud the flame is actually coming into contact with, for example lighting a solid nug you are only lighting the outside of the nug, while the inside remains relatively untouched. breaking it up allows you to burn it more evenly and thoroughly)

  10. Does cutting a slice of cake into 4 pieces make it tastier? :smoke:

  11. I love the way perfectly ground bud smokes and you can really rip it if you want, but there is just something right about taking a nice fat gram nug and just popping it tip first into the bong. It forces me to smoke slower and/or less (which is great because I can't afford to blow through) and it seems to taste WAY better. I think it might have something to do with still being closer to the plant form and not being disturbed and still retaining all of the things that are released when a plant is broken. I don't know though, I'm not a horticulturalist.
  12. Go to a hardware store and buy a pack or faucet aerators. They're flat metal screens. Just the look the opening of your kitchen sink and you'll know what I'm talking about. I think you can get like 10 for 2 bucks or something. Super cheap.
  13. Thanks, Skiddlecrumms for bringing up a year old thread ;)

    Glass screens plug the hole from getting weed through, so essentially saving you from Scooby Snacks. :D
  14. never heard of these
  15. Glass screens are great when they work, but I've had nothing but trouble with them breaking

  16. Oh, sorry, for some reason it was only like the third thread I saw.

  17. Hah it's all good. Search function brings up everything :D

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