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How do glass screens work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Swingset Virtue, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. I've been hearing a bunch of stuff about glass screens recently and I was wondering how they work. Seems like it would be easy to break and inhale.
  2. They are not even close to easy to inhale, but yeah you gotta give them a little extra care. All they do is block enough space in the bowl to let air in, but not bud. So all you are getting is smoke and oxygen, no scooby snacks or cherries. :wave:
  3. i love glass screens. once you get a lil resin in there they stay put too. they work perfectly
  4. Are they hard to get out if they get too resined up? I've never used one.

  5. nahhhhh
    I used to use one in my bong, and it was always falling out
  6. [​IMG]

    It seems some are not sure what they look like.

  7. I've only used ones like this
  8. The top photo looks similar to the ones in the Grasscity shop.
  9. I have used all the varieties posted in this thread already. They work awesome. Just get one that is a good fit for your slide/bowl, not all are the same and some bowls just don't fit some of those right. But they are made to be impossible to pull through the bowl, obviously, and they are sometimes hard to get out (depends on the size of your bowl, and how big your fingers are). I have had to use a paper clip to pry it out, but with only a minimal effort at most.

    They are great for hash and bud (especially if you're looking to conserve in a bong and aren't looking to lose any on the snap, and to keep your pieces cleaner too).
  10. They work really well, just be careful to make sure you don't have a defective one. I had one break while I was inhaling once and shot a hot glass shard into my throat :(

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