How do garvity bongs work? Mines diffective.

Discussion in 'General' started by StickyxLover, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Well i know that when you pull the bowl out the smoke is supposed to clear but i just made a water bottle gravity bong and it just dosnt work.

    Heres a pic of it, tell me if i did something wrong.

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  2. i dont see a it is hard to tell u what is wrong

  3. I know the manage attachments isnt working
  4. How do i post a picture that i drew?
  5. upload it to your gallery, or use imageshack to host it, then post it here
  6. ...that doesn't look like any gravity bong i ever saw...
  7. lol me either. that looks like a straight up water bong to me man

    what doesnt work about it?
  8. O then i guess i didnt know what i was doing lol. Well when you pull the trumpet mouth peice out i expected for the smoke to clear but it dosnt.
  9. uh, then suck harder??

    this is a gravity bong by the way:
  10. What could I use for the bowl? I want to try one of these out.
  11. You could put foil over the mouth hole, and cut a bunch of small pin holes into it.
  12. no, never use foil. you can probobly get a cheap slide on ebay and use that by drilling a hole big enough to fit it in the bottle cap. i hope im allowed to give ebay as advice, if not im sorry.
  13. No, I mean like take the cap off the bottle, and replace with a foil wrap as cap/bowl. and you can take it off and put it back on for hits.

    My friend did that and it worked fine.
    But I personally use a metal bowl fit into a drilled hole of a cap.
  14. I got a brass fitting and drilled/tapped the cap for 1/4" npt threads, it sealed perfectly and made a wicked gravity bong but I've never had the desire to do it again. Not a real chill smoking method..

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