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How do dispensaries know they are getting accurate strains?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by assandgrass, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Do dispensaries place a huge importance on making sure that the strains they are being sold by growers are legit. Can't a grower just throw out a random name and sell it.I ask because a buddy of mine has been picking up from a grower and when I asked what it was called he said the grower just told him kush which is a pretty broad term. I can tell the difference with strains such as Harlequin which has more cbd than thc so is this given much importance by dispensaries?
  2. friend owns a dispensary. he will only work with growers whose lifestyle is to harvest weed. not a grower whose trying to make money. and thats how it is with most dispensaries. they want quality and its a partnership. so yes most dispensaries know the strains are accurate.
  3. The best you know is what they tell you. . . . . How much do you trust someone whose sole purpose is trying to sell you something?

    Me? Not very much.
  4. There are false strains and wrongly named strains all throughout the medical community. Phenos are often given a new and completely unrelated name, thus the names can be quite misleading and confusing. With all the breeders out there, you can find a hundred different phenos of OG. Dispensaries and vendors/growers probably lie all the time, so you cant rely solely on the name given. That being said, the majority of strain names are probably correct. Some of the more distinctive strains would hard to pass of as something else, and generally indica & sativa are marked correctly. But the label on your meds is by no means a guarantee to be that strain.
  5. The dispensary I work for as a grower only gets new strains from a few sources.

    Most common is to just get a clone from another dispensary that grows a strain you want. That way they know the strain name and usually some testing data like THC & CBD % without having to resend the strain for testing. Also more importantly they can see exactly how that strain grows and what the average quality of bud is. We've even had a few clones flown in from Cali somehow like "Girl Scout Cookies".

    The other way we get new strains is that we have one grow facility that is devoted to testing new strains. They'll order a bunch of seeds from a reputable seed bank and grow out dozens of the same strain at a time and select for the best one. Then they send samples for testing.
  6. I have been a patient for two years and I use the name for two reasons.
    1. If a dispensary is consistant with a strain and I like it
    2. If I have tried a rare strain it is recomended by the budtender I trust as being legit.
    ...other than those reasons I have learned to simply use my nose and eyes when looking for the right strain. Everybody in so cal (check weedmaps lol) has the bombest og which isn't true so names are not reliable.
  7. just glance at a dispensaries menu to know if they are correctly naming there shit. if you see stuff like "tupac og" or "batman kush" then its probably bullshit
  8. We probably wont see any thing reliable in the way of cultivars until after prohibition ends. CO and WA will probably start leading the way in a couple years once their systems are up and running.

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