How do deaf people think?

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  1. I've never really thought about it until now, but how do deaf people think? Like when I think, I hear my words in my head but like the fuck guys. Help me out here:(
  2. My mind = blown.
  3. what?

    thinking isnt auditory, its mental.
    you dont need to hear to think.
  4. Deaf people don't think.
  5. they do know how to read, and can sound out words. so they just concentrate more on the meaning of the word rather than how it sounds.
  6. Interesting......
  7. Yo wtf I've never thought of that how the fuck do they think??? Do they just stare at like a sentence and understand it??

    W t f
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    Thought is nature. English is just the language you chose to speak in your head. Spanish people speak spanish.

    A thought is a thought no matter how your mind concieves it.

    A baby cant speak english and can bairly even make noises besides crying and laughing for the first few days but they still think and interpret the world around them.

    A deaf person could be similar to a dog thinking. A general thought is just ignited within the conciesness (sp), the brain will understand itself regardless. Like wanting to punch someone in the face. Doesnt matter what your thinking or what words your brain is bouncing around, the general thought is aggression and anger.
  9. I've wondered this, as well.

    And to elaborate on Flemian's point, the answers I've gotten were that people who are born deaf essentially think in sign language.
  10. this brings into a very old psychology test that cant be done because it is inhumane....but it boils down to have an infant receive no stimulus, and therefore no way to communicate or think......if all was devoid then what would the brain have as thoughts??
  11. I'd think it depends how they became deaf, like if its in their brain or their ears or what
  12. They probably think in pictures like a baby or a dog... like a they think of a ball but only see the image and don't associate a word with it.
  13. Stop underestimating the mind, you can think in visuals as well. Reminds me of people who ask how do you tell a story in a silent film? As if everything must be spoken, we are limiting ourselves if that's the case.
  14. how do people who were BORN deaf think??
  15. Does the brain need sound to survive?

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