how diverse are you when it comes to music?

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  1. i could never stand it when someone only liked one genre of music.. there is so much good music out there.. so what genres do you like?
  2. i enjoy hip hop, thrash metal, and 60s and 70s rock.
  3. Everything from progressive rock, trance, classic rock, power metal, bluegrass, ambient, folk, delta blues, and classical (as in Bach and Holst).

    I hate it when people listen to nothing but rap or hip-hop, and claim that they like music. It's like, no, you like hip-hop. Music is the art, not the style.
  4. i know what you mean exactly.. i like all types of music.. yes even some country.. probably the only type i cant stand is polka
  5. :confused:

    so if somebody listens to classic rock exclusively, they dont like music?
  6. i listen to hip-hop, 90s rap, classic rock like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Doors, MF Doom, Immortal Technique, People Under the Stairs, Eazy-e, 2pac, Biggie, etc
  7. speed polka up and you got happy hardcore :D
  8. good idea!
  9. "...And people think they make music still
    But music is there with out you or me we just manipulate
    For better or worse so let it situate..."

    Genre? What's this "Genre" you speak of? ;)

    I listen to everything. Back in school, everybody thought I was weird because I wasn't fixated on one type of music like them. I always felt sorry for them, knowing they'd never be able to fully appreciate the beauty in music and life. This was before I was ever introduced to MJ.
  10. I can enjoy any music with at least a little melody and a lot of passion. I like everything from Billy Joel to Nirvana.
  11. i was the same.. and when i started hanging out with my stoner friends, they were all about 60's and 70's rock. that was it. they would make fun of me because i listened to harder stuff, rap, country, classical, and a lot of jazz.. but after a while i turned them on to a lot of music that to this day they still listen to.
  12. Let's just say I listen to a range wider than most.
  13. I like a lot of the classics, almost nothing after 1999.
  14. I appreciate all forms of music unless it sounds flat out terrible. I mostly listen to newer rock, hardcore, metal, a lot of hiphop.
  15. i a huge fan of music so i apprciate it all and I would listen to all types, even though my preferred choices are hip-hop, rock, techno nd some classical.
  16. most techno, 90's rap, hip hop, classical, different rock genre's, most country, latin freestyle (dance music), other shit i cant think of..
  17. I listen to everything, literally....
  18. Quite.

    Love me some swing, bit of jazz, older pop, ska, rap, rockabilly tons more "genres" I could list, but I'm not writing a novel and you probably don't want to read one :).

    For the genres I don't really like, mainly metal including all of its bastard children and country, theirs still a few gems I enjoy listening too every now and then.
  19. METAL! Classic rock, blues, jazz, outlaw country, bluegrass, some rap, some hip hop, basically anyone who is good at what they do.
  20. I love music and I'm always trying to listen to new things... I like to say I have music ADD lol.

    Alternative, Blues, Psychobilly, Classic rock, trance, house, drum and bass, hip hop, rap, indie, experimental shiz, reggae, dancehall, and whatever catches my ear.

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