how distance for lighting by 250 v or 400 hps?

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  1. hi all,
    could any one tell me how distance between plant and light,please?
  2. Providing you have a fan and the plants are not baby seedlings you can go around 8 inches for a 250 watt and about 18 inches from a 400 watt. These are just estimates and closer or further may be needed.
  3. a 250 watt HPS is most effective between 5 and 11 inches from the plant
    a 400 watt HPS is most effective between 6 and 15 inches from the plant
    (these are figures from funknugs light chart that i got a while back from OG)
    keep in mind those girls need 10,000 or more lumens optimally.... and heat becomes a serious problem if you cant controll it ..
  4. hi and thanks for reply, but my bolb have high heating at the moment and i install my bulb on 25 in because my babies just have few days so i think if i bring it more down my babies going to burn any more information would be usefull and i dont know when i have to put fan on them?. thanks mate.
  5. point a fan at the light NOT ON YOUR PLANTS and see if its uncomfortable heat on your hand at the top of the plants ==== hot on the hand =hot on the plant

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