How dirty is too dirty?

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  1. How dirty is too dirty when it comes to glass?
  2. when you can smell your bong and its all the way on the table and it makes you wanna puke.
  3. i think when the water starts to look murky. i don't like waiting until it stinks really bad, yuck.
  4. Once your hits taste like ass even when they're green hits you should clean it. also if you have a ring of black resin above the water in your piece it's time to clean it. I mean how hard is it to bust out the simple green or iso once a week?
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    What he said
  6. If you have to ask.....

    ...its way to dirty
  7. My glass spoon I cleaned every time. It was so pretty and nice and thick. Of course I broke it. But my aluminum one hitter I doubt I will ever clean. I stick something through it to unclog it and maybe scrape some resin out to get a bigger hit but they're cheap.

    To actually answer your question, lol, I would clean glass once a week with iso.
  8. Well I clean my bong every time I use it, I just like it fresh :D
    As for my spoon, as soon as I can see all the colors in the glass it's time to clean.
    Same rule goes for my chillum.
    My vape gets cleaned when I feel like it :confused_2:  Not like it ever really smells anyway
  9. with bowls i let that shit get dirty as fuck so i can smoke the res
    with bongs/bubblers i clean that out every other day
  10. I agree with once a week. Unless it's an oil rig, then when it starts getting plugged.
  11. I don't get how some people let their glass get so dirty. 
  12. Ideally, after each session. Realistically though, when the water starts to change in color, and when you can taste the resin and it makes the smoke less pleasurable.
  13. Funny story. My cuz R and my cuz N smoke all the time and N NEVER cleans his shit. Me and R literally thought N's old glass was actually like a brown color because it was litterally covered in resin everywhere. Anyways we bought iso a few days ago and cleaned it and that bitch was clear. Gross. But its a Sherlock and hit smooth and you can see the pipe milk up.
  14. I would agree, I will smoke out of it for the day and at night it gets cleaned so its sparkling clean and dry for the next day.  It takes very little time to clean once you know what works best for your bong, and heck nice clean hits everyday is the way to go IMO.
  15. Well I clean my bong after every session, but if I'm having a long session with a couple of my friends I will clean it mid session/hourly.
  16. it could get to the point of no function 
    then you would have to clean it
    but i fully clean when i run out of clean bongs
  17. When you can smell it through a paper bag across the room
  18. when it gets clogged :smoke:
      also depends on how you like your herb to taste, if you are a stickler for a clean hit
    clean as often as you can
  19. I dump the water every session and clean it like once a week.
  20. i change water daily. then clean once i notice any sort of odor coming from the bong, it's all colored and you cant really see the grime. i use Isopropyl 91% and Epsom salt.

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