How dirty is dirty?

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  1. So how dirty is dirty enough to clean my piece?

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  2. I would say it's probably about time you cleaned that bong, but mines even dirtier so i can't talk haha...
  3. Thats not very dirty at all :confused:
  4. Eh seen dirtier. I've smoked out of a bong where the water was pure black, needless to say, worst and harshest hit ever in my life. 
  5. meh, if that's claim than it's not very dirty.  I let my oil rigs get a bit dirty and don't bother cleaning them as much as flower tubes.  The taste from a claimed up rig, I don't mind it and kind of like it, dirty ash in a flower tube is different story.  With flower, 1 hit, I consider it dirty, and I clean my flower tubes the day after using it at the latest, usually I clean the same day.
  6. That's not dirt, it's gold. You'll figure it out sooner or later.
  7. I clean my bong and bubbler every time I use it, it gives better and harder rips when I'm using spotless glass. Plus it looks nice :D

    Who Dat!
  8. thats not even "dirty"....friend had a straight shot roor that was BLACK at the bottom...couldnt even see water bubble ugh.
  9. prob when his stash is startin to run dry...i need a better way of collecting this stuff.  any ideas
  10. I just try to use the simplest bubbler possible so it can be easily poured out. Seems like a few blowers have been adding threaded ports that little plastic caps are screwed onto, making it easier to pour out.
  11. I don't understand why people
    Don't even clean the water!!! First sign of color change and I change it... It's easy and makes the biggest difference...

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  12. I know pyrology does, "the stew" has one at the bottom. It's quite handy. Makes cleaning a breeze.

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  13. Yeah like other people said. I clean mine with a cap/stop, shake the iso like a motherfucker, evaporate the iso then hexane + saline wash just in case.
  14. I've seen them on Migrant Glass and Evol Empire also
  15. True! I know other companies do as well lol But pyrology jumped to mind cause mines sitting next to me haha

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  16. This
  17. Just clean it when you want to. Dirty glass isn't a huge deal and isn't any harsher to me than a clean piece but clean glass will always be the best. I have hit a bong a buddy of mine owns many times that was black everywhere but where you put your lips and the water was pitch black and filled with chunks of resin and it did have a bit of a gross underlying taste to it but I was suprised I could still get some tasty ass hits. Splashback is nasty though. I think he had it for 10 years or so and just never cleaned it and didn't change the water often or something like that. I can't imagine doing that but I also can't imagine cleaning glass everyday. Too much time and money spent on such a subtle difference. Not that it's expensive or very time consuming. I just don't see the point in worrying about a few little pieces of resin. Although snaps can make a bong dirty pretty quick.
  18. That's really a personal preference thing. Since you're asking though, among my friends the general rule of thumb is to clean it when it starts affecting the taste of a clean draw ie if you pull on it with no bowl n there's a taste other then clean water, it's time to clean that shit.

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