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How dirty do you let your piece get?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by FridayHighday, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I keep my MFLB spotless but here's a picture of my friends bong.

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  2. my bowl is extremely dirty. it sucks to clean it
  3. My bowl went from clear to pitch black. I refuse to clean it because the blue and white swirls look way cooler with the black outline.
  4. I rinse and change water immediately after smoking and then clean everything in a dish tub full of hot water and a couple scoops of oxiclean weekly.

    My pieces never look dirty. That's the way I like it
  5. Used to let my bongs and bowls get caked in res, then I realized it tastes like shit.

    Now I use iSO and salt 2 times a week, and new water every sesh.
  6. before and in between every single toke of the sesh i clean the bong with iso/salt and boil water and put the popper shaft/bowl in boiling water and change the water and add fresh ice. it's good you can use the same boiling water for cleaning the bowl/shaft in between tokes before it cools down and you have to reboil some water. my piece doesn't haev 1 piece of resin in it. at any given moment you could switch it out for an identical piece at a bong shop and they wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
  7. my mflb is spotless....i never clean my bowl..never...never ever
  8. If I've got cold water in it, I'll leave it until it becomes room temp. Just plain Jane water, I kinda just eyeball it (usually 10-12 bowls) or I'll clean it after every finished smoke session if I can. My pipe, I just clean every end of smoke session.

    I use hydro-peroxide and super hot water (close but not boiling)
  9. I change the water every couple hours. The downstem only gets cleaned when clogged and i go thru 3-4 bowls a week.
  10. Daily for pieces I use regularly
  11. I let my pipe get as dirty as my bathtub.

    WARNING: Shocking and Disturbing Image Below


  12. ^ I think I'd feel cleaner not showering than showering in that :p

    I keep my pipes and bubbler clean. My percolator bong is hard as fuck to clean, I wash it out frequently and I've used the salt and alcohol but I just can't get it clear. My first spoon I let get so dirty, my friends who used it thought it was wood until I cleaned it.
  13. That's not your bathtub.. Is it ?
  14. Reminds me of the bathtub from Breaking Bad lol after thy dissolved a corpse in it of course

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