How difficult is it to flush and replace power-steering fluid?

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  1. So the people at Honda told me that my steering fluid is getting dark. This was last week, and back in December last year they told me the same thing. It costs $100 to do that and while I do have the money, I don't feel like spending it. :D I'm out of warranty as well.

    So what am I looking at? I'm a noob, but I can usually get things right with enough YouTube videos and other stuff. My uncle knows his stuff as well, so I'll probably be doing it with him. I just want to know what I might be getting myself into and what to expect.

    The car is an 07' Accord V6 3.0L. VROOM VROOM!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. dont alway listen to what the dealer ship has to say, they usually tell you these things to make money off you. my advice is check the fuild your self, power steering fluid should be clear. easiest way to change it, get a wet dry vac and suck it all out and refill it
  3. a shopvac? lolwut

    try a turkey baster. most of the time, power steering fluid doesn't need to be changed even if it's dirty.

    and power steering fluid isn't clear, its an amber color.
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    i've been in the auto industry for almost a decade... ur 2nd statement is the very definition if ignorant.. 3rd one wasn't too accurate either..

    power steering is generally clear.. some vehicles, require different types of fluids which may be tan, red, etc.. do not make black and white statements to people who don't understand the grey area is all im saying..

    the above people are correct, there are lil suction devices that suck the fluid out of ur PS reservoir.

    To flush the system..

    1. Start the car, pop hood, remove PS reservoir cap

    2. suck out new fluid, pour new clean fluid in, get in the car, turn the steering wheel lock to lock slowly like 2 full times both directions

    3. repeat step 2 until desired result is met.. typically 2-3x

  5. Should I raise the car up so the tires move freely?

    What is the best way to take out the fluid?

    Also, what do you mean lock to lock? Until it can no longer turn?

    So I'm guessing when I put the new fluid in, turning the wheel will get it deeper into the system, correct? If that is the case, do I need more than one bottle of the fluid?

    I'm guessing you were saying suck out old fluid.

    So in short:
    -Should I raise the front wheels?
    -How many bottles will I need?
    -Should I get OEM parts?
    -What can go wrong?

    Thank you a lot.
  6. might have better luck on honda specific forums, i believe honda has its own power steering fluid.

    you'll also want to look up how to bleed the system after.
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    when i worked in a shop, we just had a couple square sheets of steel we'd put down, and just drive the cars front wheels onto them so that they would turn easily.. this was also a precaution cause our shop floor was this expensive ass rubber shit that our boss didn't want getting messed up.. my boss was an idiot..

    i suppose you could lift the front of the vehicle, we just never did.. most vehicles with decent power steering systems can turn the wheels no problem if its sitting on concrete ya know?

    i would suggest 2 of the quart sized containers.. that's plenty, even if its not perfect once they're gone.. that should be plenty sufficient

    go to an auto parts store and get a couple quart bottles of honda specific power steering fluid.. don't need to go to the dealer, it'll just be more expensive

    this is a very front to back operation, can't really fuck it up..

    lock to lock just means where the steering wheel stops turning.. but go slow at the ends, don't put pressure on the wheel when it stops turning, you'll hear it whine a little, that means stop and go the other way :)
  8. sorry.. blazed as fuck right now lolz, seen i was sorta confusing a few times.. easier to just fix it via new post than go back and fix the old ones..

    i did mean suck out the old fluid in step 2, idk why i wrote new

    without buying something special, and assuming you don't have any sort of evacuator.. a turkey baster may be a decent route.. just make sure it'll fit down into the reservoir, or add a smaller clear tube to the tip of it.

    during this process, its basically sucking out old fluid, diluting the old fluid with new stuff, suck it all out again, repeat til its clean.. ya know??

    the power steering system is pretty simple, you have the reservoir, a high pressure and low pressure line, and the rack and pinion unit.. the rack is where most of the fluid is being stored. Turning the wheels just moves the fluid out of the rack and into the lines so you can get the new fluid into the rack..

    if this just made it more confusing, just look at my first post... shouldn't take more than 10 min once you have everything.. very easy, might even be a simple vid on youtube
  9. you can use a suction gun or something. but it doesnt really matter if it's getting dark, its just because it's used. it will last forever... just top it off with some fresh fluid every now and then, it will still work fine.
  10. Power steering fluid is annoying to replace completely because fluid will often stay in the rack even if you try to engage the pump and turn the wheel back and forth.

    My solution was to get an old fridge pump and make my own vacuum of sorts, flushing and filtering the fluid through a stainless steel mesh sheet. Unless you buy a real flushing machine, that's probably the easiest way to make an equivalent device.

  11. yea see mr docleary over there is under the presumption he knows everything there is to know. he also loves jus trying his hardest to correct me even though most of the times hes the one with the wrong view on the subject.

    thanks +rep

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