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How different are dabs from smoking bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Herdezian, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. I have a pretty high bud tolerance, and I'm gonna take my first dab in a few days. My friends and I are gonna dab a gram between the 3 of us. Should it be enough to get us there or would we need more?
  2. a gram will be more than enough to get you and your friends super high. a dab is kinda like smoking an entire bowl in a single hit.
  3. A gram is plenty.

    What kind of concentrate is it by the way?
  4. Not real sure, my friend is getting it. He said it's some pretty strong stuff, though.
  5. Well the first time I had dabbed it was literally the first smoke I had in over 5 years, before that I was a everyday and all day smoker. It was decent wax, not top shelf. What was put on my nail was about the size of a grain of rice uncooked. It tasted so earthy and clean but had me terp drool and cough like hell but not a dirty deep cough that would normally have me gag then almost throw up. It hurt me and i couldnt breathe correct without coughing for about 15 minutes. It wasnt the high I expected. I expected the same euphoric giggly high i got the first time i ever sparked up. It was relaxing but not couch potato relaxing, uplifting but not so much that I giggled at everything. I was comfortable and happy but I can see how anither two dabs that size would have put me in a weird place haha. The onset of the high was there before I started to cough too which was nice. Sorry for the story but I like to fully explain my experiences, helps people newer to certain things brace for the journey.
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  6. And i didnt get any hard come down. It was so smooth that I was able to hangout with friends, socialize, drive home, make some dinner and by the time I got done eating I layed in bed and slept like a baby without having to take medication like i typically do.(I am diagnosed with a sleep disorder aka insomnia so i am prescribed a hefty sleep med).
  7. I agree and I HAD insomnia + another medical condition that kept me mostly sleepless for 10yrs! No more sleep meds or pain meds for me..Good Indicas for over 10 months now..way better than that chemical crap.
    I smoke a bit and then a little dab will do me for a finisher..ZONKED FOR THE NIGHT:)
    Living in Nevada is great (been here for over 30yrs)..
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  8. Unfortunately for me my preffered method to sleep is against me legally in a losing my freedom for years kinda way so ill have to wait out for a bit longer. I dont mind it, I take walks at like 3a.m its almost like experiencing what i dream of anyways so its kinda trippy. I stopped the prescriptions and started on melatonin. The right amount gets my noggin slow enough to fall asleep but sure enough im awake 2 hours later ready for a new day haha. ‍♂️ I justs embrace the odd amount of energy I have.
  9. Shame..For me melatonin just got me jumpy..I love just sitting out on the deck and either lighting one or dabbing a bit before drifting off. I got a portable Evolve Plus Wax pen just to dab outside:)
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    we wanna see the product.
    as was already said 1g is more than enuf.
    im smokin on sum right now.
    for me it usually takes about 15mins to kick in.

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