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How did your parents react the first time they caught you?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bamboobam, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. I'm 21 and my mom caught me and she was pissed at first. She was a former smoker and smokes still from time to time so, she doesn't care. My dad doesn't know.

  2. [quote name="Bamboobam" post="19361265" timestamp="1390015298"]I'm 21 and my mom caught me and she was pissed at first. She was a former smoker and smokes still from time to time so, she doesn't care. My dad doesn't know.[/quote]My parents dont know, my mom would think im the Anti-Christ.
  3. lol both my parents know and when my dad found out he asked to hit my apple pipe (all my pieces were at my mothers) and then we smoked. my mom and i smoke casually day to day.

  4. Mom wasn't mad asked to hit my blunt
  5. Well I ended up telling my mom, my younger brother was the one who caught me 
    This was a long time before I ended up getting my 215 card, I told my brother this long speech about how Marijuana helps some people and that our mother was very uneducated when it came to Marijuana. 
    After that speech, I went to my room and smoked a bowl and he walked right in and smelled the after effects. 
    One day I came home and my room looked like it was torn apart, so I was like ah hell I'm 18 I can make my own choices, and told my mom about my usage. 
    She was semi okay with it, so ever since i've been blazing at home. 
  6. well when my mom found out, she had also "found out" that I was doing all kinds of other drugs (which I wasn't) so she was fucking freaked out... but once I told her it was just bud she was semi ok with it.
  7. [quote name="SantiagoDunbar420" post="19361761" timestamp="1390022409"]well when my mom found out, she had also "found out" that I was doing all kinds of other drugs (which I wasn't) so she was fucking freaked out... but once I told her it was just bud she was semi ok with it.[/quote]I'm sure you get this a lot, but your profile pic and username are fucking classic.My mom caught me once when I was 18 and was slightly dissapointed, but now my parents know I smoke and let me do whatever as long as I'm responsible.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. Ok so it was the first week i had started smoking and after googling and lots of experimenting i had my little homemade bong. I had a couple of friends over one night and it was around 7 and for some reason my partents decided to go to bed early. We of course taking advantage of this went out on my porch and started ripping that plastic bond (BOWL AND STEM WERE METAL). Being a newbie i left the porch door cracked so i could hear if they were coming to check on us. My step mother got up within 2 minutes of us lighting up. She caught me taking a hit and blowing out of a paper towel filled with fabric sheets. She caught me at the blowing into a papertowel thing part. I attempted to cover up the pot smoking with smoking laundry sheets XD... this failed. She demanded i show her my stash and i get rid of it. She was kind enough to not tell my dad AND she let me throw the weed away. I went down stairs to the gabage and stashed it in the side pocket (you know where they poke the metal prods in to lift those big trashcans up.) Anyways so the next morning after my friends had left my dad had a cap to a bottle of sorts and in the cap was a small nug. i guess i dropped it at some point. So after being caught twice my step mother decided to tell him she already caught us and demanded the herb was destroyed. My dad not being as naive as her went and found the stashed herb. next time we had a fire in the fire place he through the bag that my herb was in into the fire.
    (I HAVE A THEORY HE KEPT THE WEED AND DIDNT BURN IT! but thats another story.)
  9. I was a 6th grader in 1979, she walked in my room and I was doing bong hits and she said "it smells like pot in here" they were bikers so the next summer I was allowed to grow. My friends and I had shelves in our rooms to show our bong collections. It was like a competition.
    my parents were cool and did not give a fuck.
  10. Nodded in disappointment they weren't angry just dissapointedSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  11. Nothing. My dad had top secret clearance, so I had to keep it low key, otherwise I was ok.
  12. When my dad caught me I was 18 on New Year's Day. He called me and I was still kind of drunk and high from the party at my buddies house. "Come home brad, I found your stash" was all he said. They kind of lost their shit and my mom being the most ignorant of all when it comes to weed said I'm addicted and that I will end up doing other hard drugs and that most weed is laced now days...6 years later. Still token and I don't do any other drugs and never have had laced weed lol Fuckin parents
  13. First time I was ever caught I left my stash box on top of my makeup bag and left it there by accident. I came home a few hours later and my mom just said "I found your weed and threw it out. Hide it better next time. Also, no smoking in the apartment." That was it lolSent from my iPhone using Grasscity F
  14. I think it depends how educated your parents really are. If they can see that it's not by any means a dangerous drug and that if they can trust you that you will not be doing it all the time and only in moderation then they should be fine. Mine were pretty OK with it, even asked to try some haha 
    I mean fuck, there are a lot worse drugs to be doing haha
  15. Started smoking about 6 months ago and now medicate daily but my mom caught me about 2 weeks ago and its my first time being home since i started smoking alot, short story long i was caught and that same night smoked a bowl with my momSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    25 now... Caught when I was 15. There were many times being "caught" (not in the act) room danking live, loose rolling papers/weed in laundry...

    Once I think I got slapped for not giving up my stash... Then I did... Only time force was used lol.

    Ever since it's been "come on..."/dissapointment to pretty much ignoring it 10 yrs later lol.

    My parents are old school immigrants... So they don't know sh*t about weed and its culture besides the media...

    They were shocked/confused at first...

    They still aren't pro-weed but its not heroin anymore to them.

    I have medi card and they don't know... Lol
  17. Was caught for the first time at 14, my mom freaked but my dad smoked so se went from cool with it to hating it on and off for a couple years. She knows now and has been on this crazy religious bender lately so she probably is praying every night that the devil doesnt take my soul because i smoke lmfao
  18. First time I was smoking with my buddy in my car out back. Dad came outside (it was winter) and asked me to roll down my window so I did only to receive a verbal scolding. Needless to say, my buddy wasn't allowed back over.
    The second time was the big one. Got pulled over for my tail light being out and had some on me. I had also smoked in the car about four hours earlier and the cop claimed he could smell it. He called up my dad and had him park it in a near-by parking lot claiming that I was high and couldn't drive. I only had less than a G on me, but the cop tried telling my dad he could impound the car and shit. Let's just say I no longer live with my father anymore and we have a pretty bad relationship now. He doesn't understand, but I got my grandmother to.
  19. Bleh my dad found out before my mother. He didn't say much just did a ' why...' Face. He caught me twice. But from that on he thinks I do coke( which isn't as great as people say it is) you see my nose gets stuffy a lot do it'll sound like I snort hell come bashing in my room like a tornado with a flashlight yelling what the hell am I doing. It's hella annoying really. He also thinks I do heroin. Which is a completely different story But he eventually stopped. My mother on the other hand caught my shit in my bag cause she searched through. She actually took it well. She doesn't accept it because she doesn't smoke and HARDLY drinks but she said if she finds it again she's throwing it out. Yet she never did search again she's actually ignoring the situation. Which is awesome because when they caught my brother they raged and blew up. But with me they let it slide. Free pass? 😊

    Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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