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How did your parents find out you smoke pot?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PermanentlyHigh, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. I'm pretty baked right now, so I thought I'd make this thread
    I got caught because my ass hole friends didnt delete there texts, back when I was 13.
    What about you guys?
  2. Sadly back in middle school I got expelled for possession. They were on my ass all the way up til i moved out :devious:
  3. Smoked in the shower before school, I ha done it a couple times before no problem but this time I wasn't as cautious IE not spraying enough Febreeze or airing it out and everything, and they smelled it and when I got back from school that day I got drug tested
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    Wrote my mom a 16 page research paper about how weed helped me and I was pissed about the doctors dicking around when my insomnia/being on pain pills was affecting my education. She ended up revealing that she was smoking pot the whole time and ended up getting her card instead since she didn't want to sign for mine.

    Oh and as far as my dad, I went over to his house to visit and told him I smoke weed to go to sleep and he just told me to go out on the front porch then and that I should've told him sooner because he just gave my aunt like 3 ounces because he stopped smoking it. lol That's Oregon for you. Seems like everyone and their grandma smokes the stuff.
  5. i got caught hitting resin in high school with my dumbass friends, broke underneath a building and smoked during broad daylight. police were all up our ass about two bowls and we got 30 hours community service

    so glad im not that stupid anymore
  6. Well I was stoned ass fuck at home right after school. My mom gets home early with some little duck figurines that she had bought at some antique shop. When she called my to come look at them I found them irresistibly hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing and she knew what was up. So that's how I got caught.
  7. one day i had about five friends in my bedroom pulling GBs hot boxing the room.... we got galactic.

    my parents came home unexpectedly.... i just booked it said i was going to the movies and jumped in my friends car.

    i had a bit of a talk to after that stunt

  8. Fuck! How long were your parents supposed to be gone?
  9. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away , I would smoke blunts in the shower and my pops (who at one point in his life was a major pothead) saw the ash one day in the tub.
    and after a little bit of trippin we smoked up :smoking:

  10. Wait, while your parents were home?
    How'd you manage that? Haha!
  11. Straight up told my dad, we're tight like that. My mother found out from the smell of my pipe. She didn't really care, liked the smell of weed, the smoke, everything but the pipe smell. :laughing:
  12. this all happened within like 2 days.. My dad and mom are divorced, btw. My dad got a phone call from a fucking cop saying that he knows the your sons are involved with marijuana, pretty sure this happened because some super fucking queer at my school wrote down a list of everyone who smokes weed when HE GOT CAUGHT BY HIS PARENTS, the list made it to my school and everything... This kid also is a habitual liar (i hate liars more then anything) and hes the first kid i ever smoked weed with. i cant believe it because hes such a vagina and i know 10000x more about weed then he does now. Only pussies give in to their parents threats.. I told my parents to worry about their own children and its not their responsibility to care for others (tell their parents)

    Before my dad had the opportunity to even tell my mom, my mom smelt me in the morning before school after i hit the bong. lol
  13. I told them. They passed on their smoking heirlooms from the 70's.
  14. My parents offered me my first joint at 13, although to this very day they still don't know that I was already a daily toker when they offered me, what they thought was my first ever joint.
  15. Just told my mother and father they did not have a choice in the matter really as my father was a big smoker in his day and my mother was smoking loads of cigs and drinking so smoking hash was nothing major.

    My mother used to moan about the smell and she would hide empty bottles and tin foil because back then everyone was doing buckets (gravity bongs) and she would get really mad sometimes with the whole speech about addiction and killing brain cells but now after 15 plus years of educating my mother and giving her facts not lies she finally sort of understands what its all about and that its far more than just getting 'high'

    Either way those days were crazy having to feel all ashamed and guilty about the smell and red eyes, best thing I could of done moving out I would go insane having to smoke around my folks these days its just bad juju.
  16. wen i was 14 my mom found some pieces of a dutchie next to the garbage and ashes in the sink at home. lol rookie mistakes ; and wen i was 16 i sorta told my dad that ive been a daily toker for a good 5 years now. loll
  17. I think it was either my mom caught me smoking a joint in my sisters room (she had the big window, best for smoking out of)

    Or my sister saw me at the mall stoned and told my parents. She was such a bitch back then.

    Both happened within days of each other so I couldn't be sure which was first
  18. I got caught smoking cigarettes and marijuana at the same time. I was out with my cousins and a friend smoking a pipe and smoking cigarettes my dad came out and this time I only had the cigarette so I went behind a car and he is like
    "kyle I see you come here and smoke with us" so we sat there smoking cigarettes and passing around the pipe and even my dad took a hit off of it.
  19. Think it may have genuinely started when my mom took an eighth of Durban Poison I had in a jar from my room while I was at school... but I'm sure they had their suspicions prior.
  20. Coming home with bloodshot eyes.

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