How did you propose to him/her?

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  1. What was your experience while proposing to your first girlfriend or boyfriend, or of getting proposed to?
  2. Marriage is for idiots imo unless you sign an agreement not to take half of each others stuff when you get divorced..

    You're basically betting everything you own that you'll stay together forever fuck that.
  3. I don't think so :unsure:
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    To be honest, it was unexpected. When we bought our Seychelles tour packages, I couldn't even think that he was planning to marry me. But when it happened, I suddenly understood that it's the best moment of my life.
  5. Was on a hike with my fiance in a National Park on vacation. I waited until we got to the peak and asked a person to take a picture with the beautiful view in the background. After she took a picture I asked if she could take one more and went down on my knee and proposed. She seemed shocked and we got some great pictures of me proposing to her. Getting married this October
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  6. Well I was extremely drunk and high as fk on different things and this girl I had been fkn for a couple weeks said we should get married. So I looked her dead in the eye and said, "why the fuck not? Ive fucked up just about everything in life, might as well fuck this up too".

    I have now fucked up everything that is possible to fuck up in life. The circle is complete....only upwards from here on out
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    He proposed to me in my home Jamaica. It was in Montego Bay at the Half Moon Resort. We were walking out on this one dock and it was at a beautiful sunset .He got down on his knee and everything. we had been together for a few years as G/F and B/F but I was not expecting it at all lbvs.. We have been Married since May 11th 2011 and I cant see my self with anyone else ever! :inlove:


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