How did you meet your girlfriend/wife

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  1. I thought this would be a cool thread idea, so how did you meet your girl ?

    My story, i was listening to music really load in a coffee shop, headphones on but she could still here it i guess, she came over and we talked about music, then other stuff exchanged numbers and fucked on the first date... :D

  2. Initially, I knew her from dog showing, we both have springer spaniels, which are relatively unknown breed over here, talked to her at the shows; got talking to her more on facebook, exchanged numbers, dated, and so it goes on...

  3. Met her online, we started shooting IM's and funny pictures, texted each other, and had long phone conversatons, the first date when we actually met was cool as hell, we went to a mega Chinese buffet where I introduced her to the awesomeness of Sushi, went for a drive and smoked up, went to see Observe and Report and kissed/made out for the first time in the parking lot, and then smoked a little more before I took her home.
    That was three years ago this April:D
  4. met my last girlfriend through a mutual friend on MySpace, she was good friends with my best friends girl.

    dated for 4 years

  5. How did you date for 4 years :confused:
  6. I'd rather never get married.

  7. Oh we have to different concepts of dating, for me dating is getting to know a girl befre you commit to a relitionship for you i guess it's just a relitionship :confused:
  8. Yeahh.. Dating means relationship too. Isn't that easy to assume when he says four years?
  9. Used to burn with her back in my highschool days, we got talking, started hanging out a bit more, and the rest is history.
  10. Met mine on Facebook
  11. history class, junior year, fall '06.
  12. 7Business Meeting 8 years ago. Still remember after we made out 1st time she told me

    "Don't carry yourself, I'm not looking for something serious ... and I was like "Ok free sex without attachment, SCORE"

    8 years later all i have is the SEX (BEST EVER) because is not free anymore after the kids, mortgage and loans ... :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


  13. met her in middle school she wanted to talk to me i didnt, got to high school and we switch roles six years later getting married in september
  14. Met on stickam lol. Just had our 2 year in January.
  15. In high school, 2009.. Sat next to me, and we became best friends in that class.. About a year later, I dropped off the face of the earth. (Went real quiet and secluded, not important)
    Anyway, summer of 2011 I saw her walking, we started talking, and became really close.. We got together in December, and I have never been happier.
    Plus, she likes a little herb every now and then!
  16. Met my ex through work. Seven or Eight years. It wasn't worth counting..

  17. Sorry things didn't work out :eek:
  18. internet
  19. I met her on facebook through my cousin.......Looking tooooo hot...

    Advice for relationships
  20. met her on the floor in my college dorm. didn't talk for the first few months, started getting flirty after first semester, then started dating by the end of the semester.

    still love my girl with all my heart

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