How did you lose your virginity?

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  1. Haven't seen one of these threads, allow as much detail as you want, hopefully this will be interesting, mines pretty cliché, be 17, at rich friends party, bang friend of 2 years in someones bedroom, best 30 seconds of my life. Go out for a month, were still friends. In before op is trolling, omg op lasted 30 seconds what a pussy etc.
  2. Freshman year college. It's been a blur ever since
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    To Zeus, of course.
  4. Had a bet with my boyf, if I got a lower score in fallout I'd finally fuck him.

    I wouldn't say it was a complete loss ;)
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    The real question is which fallout?
  6. fallout 3 ^
  7. I was 15, I was at my friends house with her mother. We were smoking a blunt and watching Detriot Rock City. She went into the bedroom and came out all dressed up, she showed me a shotgun hit, then we kissed and fucked on the floor, in bed, and in the loft. Giggity!
  8. this girl raped me with her pussy
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    Best fallout IMO
  10. I was 13 and was with a dude for 1.5 years. We got out of school early, went to his house and did the deed. It hurt like hell and it wasn't that great.
  11. I was spending the night at my best friends house, got really wasted, fucked her brother.
  12. 15 at a 4 day long party me and my sister threw... brought a girl over from school and actually almost got charged for assisting a runaway.
  13. penis in vagina
  14. You never do forget this... First year of college. BF of a year. Waited for the right guy, Yada, Yada,Yada.
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    The best type IMO

  16. you fucked your friend or your friends mom??
  17. Party, under a blanket in front of like 6 people...
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    age 16, middle of summer, on my basement couch. Lasted 40 min. I barely moved.
  19. I rented me and my boyfriend a hotel room for his birthday. ;)

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