How Did You Learn To Roll a Perfect Looking Doobie ?

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  1. My joints/doobies look perfect . They have that machine made appearance .

    I was determined one day to be able to make a perfect looking hand rolled doobie so .........

    I took a one kilo brick of some super killer Mx weed from the state of Guererro ( Alcapulco country ) and put it into a chest of drawers drawer .

    Took time to clean the whole enchilada !

    I might add this kilo weighed almost 3 lbs.

    I did it , it took about 1/4 of a lb. to start seeing what I was doing wrong till they started to pop out looking like uniformed :hello: stogy's !


    Local Boy
  2. practice makes perfect.

  3. kilo weighed 3 lbs? :confused::confused::confused:
  4. it was easy for me..

    after rollin a few J's and blunts they were almost perfect.
  5. I wish someone would put on a clinic because I suck at it. I wish I was better but I usually just smoke bowls.
  6. oh you lucky bastard
  7. learned just from practicing over time...of course my first joint/blunts were loose and shitty. now my blunts and joints are top notch and smoke really nice.
  8. I don't know... I just sat down and really tried to roll one day, and ever since I've been developing my technique more and more. I've already had my own way of doing it, but it's essentially the same.

    Just find out what works for you, practice, and don't be afraid to try.
  9. Idk exactly how I learned, but I do know this. It took me like 2 weeks of having blunts all the time to learn how to roll the perfect blunt, but once you learn it's like a switch goes off in your head and you know how to roll for the rest of your life..
  10. i just got better with time. i can roll some nice damn j's and blunts. rly tho, its not about how it looks, its how it tokes/burns etc. :D
  11. I rolled shitty ones for the longest time and took a shitty one to my guys house for a session. He was just like, "Man you gotta get pissed at it." I went home and rolled a great dube, been rolling great dubes since. When you first start, it's easy just to use a dollar bill, creates quick joints that look like someone used a roller with.
  12. A kilo is 1000 grams and a pound equals 448 grams . We all know a kilo weighs 2.2 lbs . So normally
    when one would get a kilo weighing in over 1000 grams it was something to really celebrate as far as getting more bang for your bucks . :hello:

    Many a time a Mexican kilo was packed ( this one I wrote of was over 1400 grams ) over the 1000 gram mark to compensate for and inaccurate scale:eek: and if you were the lucky one ;)who bought stash from an outfit who did this is was something as I said to celebrate over :smoke: .

    It's a math thang :D that didn't happen a lot but a kilo over 1000 grams was common place :eek:


    Local Boy
  13. in the earlier days of my blazing career i used to just buy 1/8ths most of the time..

    I never had pieces so i would just roll the whole eighth into like 5-8 joints....

    i learned quick though i would say by the 5th time i was getting pretty good... i just remember the "tuck" being hard to do, that's where i'd start fucking up ... but now i can pretty much do the tuck without even looking
  14. practice/still practicing
  15. i use the dolla bill technique. anyone else?

    dolla dolla bills y'all!!!
  16. man, i can roll almost with any blunt, blunt wraps give more trouble for some reason though, too thin i think but it's how i roll em

    anyways, i'm not that good at j's but i've been trying. I used to smoke/buy from this former coworker who was almost 60 vietnam vet. He rolled some FAT nice j's. we'd always smoke when i bought from him. always hooked me up, 40$ quarter of some high-mids. Too bad his jamaican dealers (according to him) got busted and he was fucked :(
    back on the subject, i 'm just bad at the actual tuck in my rolling. but they're still smokeable and don't look too retarded
  17. I think the reason why I can roll good already is cuz my homies have been rollin blunts around me 4 years.. so ive seen the technique hundreds(maybe thousands) of times:smoke::smoke::smoke:
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    No pics - Worthless thread

    i sat here for a few extra minutes to hope the pics were just loading.......

    " Well i had 55 pounds of weed, i just rolled HP and i finnaly make perfect blunts. The end. "

    How and what will this help GC? OR EVEN WORTH REPLYING TO...... hmmmm

    But back on topic:

    I learned rolling blunts cause i roll 2-3 blunts a day. I wanted to know how many i smoked in 2 months this is what i got:



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